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13664re: heated bird bath

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  • Dan
    Feb 1, 2008
      Thanks to those who gave advice on heated bird baths.
      I happened to get a heated dog dish yesterday in Swift Current (50w).
      I put it out today, complete with a rock occupying about 1/2 the
      volume, leaving room for about 2 L. of water. The temperature hasn't
      been below -20 C today; so far the water has stayed ice free. No birds
      interested yet, however.
      Now, I need to learn how to keep my mice alive at -39. My last three
      mice were happy at -30, but they didn't make it through Monday night
      and our severest windchill. Of course, since then I've seen
      Short-eared Owls every day, with no mice to tempt them.
      Yesterday, there were five Snowy Owls sitting up hunting in a little
      area south and west of Kyle, but I picked the one that was sitting too
      close to a perched Great Horned Owl. I didn't see the GHOW until it
      was too late to move to another owl. That darn Murphy.
      It used to be that I could find Snowy Owls by watching the SNBUs;
      wherever there was a flock of buntings, a Snowy Owl was somewhere
      nearby. This year, however, I don't think there are enough Snowy Owls
      to go around. Every Snowy Owl still has its flock of buntings, but
      there are so many flocks that some have to make do without a falcon
      I am seeing more Prairie Falcons as I look for owls, but they don't
      linger long if I'm near an owl- probably a wise decision, remembering
      the pictures of the Snowy that chased down and killed a Peregrine in
      I have seen two Golden Eagles in the last two days. One looked like
      a juvenile; I couldn't tell about the other one. Nest building has
      started in earnest about this time of year at some of our earlier GOEA

      Dan Zazelenchuk
      Matador, Sk