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  • Guy J. Wapple
    Dec 1, 2007
      Fellow Birders,

      Just back from Wainwright after another fairly long voyage. More
      later, but part of the special joy and thrill of railroading is
      the "odd night and occasional weekend" trip that the instructors told
      our young brakeman's class about when we hired on 30+ years ago.

      As I've stated here a few times before, my late father was a
      CN 'hogger', so I knew they were lying. I used to hear the phone
      ring in the middle of the night---I just never thought it would ever
      be for me!!! C'est le vie.

      At any rate, in real-time it's just after 0500, Dec. 1st. Before
      crashing out for the morning, I thought I would "scoop" everyone and
      lead the Winter Bird Contest parade for the next four hours:

      1.) Great Horned Owl - Two single birds, flushed minutes apart just
      E of Landis at 0120 and 0122 hrs.

      2.) Snow Bunting - 5+ also fluttering above our headlights (no
      casualties for once!) a couple minutes after the second Horned Owl.

      On somewhat snowy Hwy. 14, a lone 'Yote was able to avoid being
      crused by my little Escape not far east of Biggar. That's the wily
      wild dog for those of you who are wondering.

      As for the ever-optimistic postings which I read with amusement
      before typing this note up, good luck boys and girls! Perhaps the
      white Gyr will be chasing down a Black-legged Kittiwake, a Ross' Gull
      or perhaps even a Willow Ptarmigan over the spillway. While I've
      been fortunate enough to see two White Gyrs and a KI EI in
      Saskatchewan, I haven't seen any of the latter prey species in this
      province (or anywhere else) yet!


      Guy Wapple,