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13185Downy Woodpecker

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  • Val
    Nov 25, 2007
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      Go Riders Go!!.....sorry to copy you Kathy and Guy, just couldn't
      help it!! This morning while tossing seed and replenishing bird seed
      areas a short chirp flew in right away, the Downy Woodpecker (he
      hadn't donned his green and white uniform yet). Although we have two
      suet feeders up, the male Downy just doesn't cotton to them. I
      hadn't taken out a spoonful of the homemade suet to spread on trees
      and he was really scouring the trunks looking for some - think he's
      a bit spoiled :-). Anyway, while he constantly peeped away I got
      thinking his chirp is in the same key and shortness that our smoke
      alarm sounds like when the battery is low. Anything I can do to
      relate helps as I have a fair hearing loss so when things are
      totally quiet it's beautiful to be able to hear and compare. Yes, a
      trip was made in to get a hunk of homemade suet for the little guy
      and he almost flew onto my spoon in anxiety :-).

      Our Bohemian Waxwing we find out likes grapes so now am quartering
      them to add to his diet of berries, bananas and oranges. He's a very
      messy bird, everything he eats literally goes straight through so I
      think that's why he is such a voracious eater. It's hard to get away
      for over a day. I fill his dish with frozen berries and put an
      orange slice on the cage bottom so he'll last but even then he's
      trilling away when we get in the door for something to eat! When
      he's hungry he looks at you and trills and trills, getting louder
      something like Sanders did with his hissing. We have his cage door
      open quite a bit during the day but he prefers to be in there. When
      we eat he really likes coming out though and swiping something off
      the plate. In that way he now has acquired a taste for pasta, toast,
      eggs, mashed potatoes, cereal and small pieces of meat....not a hunk
      of veggie guy. We sure enjoy him. When I see a flock of Bohemians in
      the winter it comes to mind how many berries and how much other food
      they must need to find to survive.

      Val T - McTaggart
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