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  • Val
    Sep 14, 2007
      We've had a gathering of a dozen Yellow-shafted Northern Flickers at
      the farm this past week along with 20 or so American Robins. A
      Yellow-rumped Warbler is still drinking from the oriole feeder and
      the Downy Woodpecker is as well. The warbler is quite tame when
      we're watching it. White-crowned Sparrows have now appeared. We
      still have lots of Mourning Doves but they'll be surprised at their
      bird-bath drink this morning...need a chissel on the ice. We've seen
      Palm Warblers and others that we can't ID.

      We've been up and gone by 7:00 a.m. to daily babysit in Regina a few
      days this week so garden chores were done around 5:30 a.m. three
      days ago. The Rock Pigeons were out and about at that early time.
      You did wait for a chilly garden gathering Guy!! :-)

      The Swainson's Hawk data from Jared was really interesting as Elma
      McCormick phoned the other day that she saw a Swainson's Hawk on the
      street along Railway Avenue in Weyburn. A guy was approaching it so
      she stopped to see what was going on. Then another van stopped. When
      the guy got quite close the hawk flew up onto the van roof.
      Meanwhile the conservation officer had been phoned and came along
      and took the Swainson's. At this time I'd like to thank Jared for
      making our summer so especially interesting with his e-mails and
      Sanders updates and all the belly laughs. Just like when Jim reports
      on your experiences together, total fun. We appreciated you from the
      first time you enthusiastically came to our place. I remember Bob
      gave us a good report on you. You have so many dedicated friends and
      we know you have a lot of background support from those who work or
      bird with you..we enjoyed your co-announcing on birdline!! There are
      many special people on this birding forum who modestly go about
      doing their thing. We are thankful for the younger people who are so
      involved to carry on. We really enjoy taking part or hearing about
      what goes on from all of you. We look forward to the postings of all
      the great photos and stories of outings and backyard sightings from
      everyone. We enjoy all the friendships garnished through bird
      watching. Just felt a little blubbery this morning.

      So, we still have a Rough-legged Hawk in the area but yesterday
      was 'cool' with four Swainson's Hawks sitting on the fence posts
      that surround the open-pit nuisance ground just down the road from
      our place. A Merlin hangs around the yard. Our Bohemian Waxwing
      really jumps in alarm about his cage at times and we're thinking
      it's because a hawk or the merlin has gone by. By the way, he has
      now become a connoisseur of almost every type of food....whatever is
      on our plate he'll run over, take a piece off and devour it but
      blueberries, bananas and orange slices are his mainstay.

      Enough....heading in to work.

      Val T - McTaggart
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