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10731Bald Eagles

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  • Val
    Nov 5, 2006
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      Today Doyle and I took a drive to the south side of Nickle Lake. We
      didn't see one bird until we drove the trail to the spillway. On the
      ice of the lake were (I believe) two immature Bald Eagles, one being
      in the centre of the lake, the other by the shore. They stuck out like
      sore thumbs. Tonight our daughter tells us she and her boyfriend saw a
      young bird in distress on the ground at a drive-through. She of course
      jumps out of the car to 'save it' and they ended up coming out to the
      farm to get a spare bird cage. We weren't home. The bird isn't able to
      fly but is now with them in Weyburn happy with water, food and even a
      home-made nest. She wasn't sure what it was until it gave a
      sound.....oh no, another cowbird!! Is this our fate, to raise
      cowbirds?? Ours gave us so much fun and laughter for 3 1/2 years and
      my heart broke when he died. We'll assess this one to see if it needs
      to be kept or can be released some day.

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