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  • Gordon A. Taylor
    Aug 20, 2006
      The warbler/Vireo migration is certainly in full swing. I am leaving the fountain running over night in our pond. Last week we had visits from Yellow-rumped, Yellow, Black-polled,Orange-crowned, Palm, Tennessee, Blackburnian, Northern Waterthrush and Wilson's Warblers. The two Vireo's were the Philadelphia and the Warbling.

      Today Reta and I drove down to the Last Mountain Lake Wildlife and found the water filled with virtually every species of duck. The Sandhill Cranes were talking from high overhead then spiralling down out of their thermals to greet those already feeding or sleeping. There are probably five hundred there now.

      We spotted one Great Egret hunting at the south end of the drive around the lake section. Pelican and Double Crested Cormorants were both present but in smaller numbers tha in our July visit.

      There were several Swainson's Hawks present along with a couple of Red-tailed Hawks and many Northern Harriers. We spotted one Broad-winged Hawk riding a thermal southward alongside a light phase Red-tailed.

      Barn Swallows and Tree Swallows were still present in good numbers but the Purple Martins were absent.

      Ross Dixon of the CWF was mist-netting and banding in the shelter belts when we arrived and he most courteyesly gave us a tour.He showed us a Mourning Dove's nest with the mother and two young still in the nest.

      Good birding to all

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