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Re: PA National Park

Adele Tree Beard Trail at the northwest end of Narrows Road is great for warblers, woodpeckers, river otters and winter wrens. Boundary Bog for possible
7:38 PM

Re: PA National Park

Ray and Adele: You'll enjoy the Park even if you don't find as many birds as you'd like. We were up before the end of May (May18-20). Practically no warblers
Frank Roy
4:15 PM

PA National Park

Hello, Ray and I are planning to visit Anglin Lake and Prince Albert National Park later this week. We are hoping to find some warblers, woodpeckers, and
Ray or Adele Dueck
2:09 PM

Re: birds

No I don't have a Flickr acc Nick. I sent the pictures off in a private email and got the help I needed. Thank you for letting me know, I didn't realize you
shirley ward
7:47 AM

Re: birds

Shirley, unfortunately Saskbirds on Yahoo Groups doesn't allow posters to attach photos to their messages. Do you have an upload site, like Flickr , or
Nick S
6:53 AM


Is this a Vespers Sparrow? And if not what kind of bird is this? Thanks for the help :) [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
shirley ward
May 31

Red-headed Woodpecker SW of Broadview

Earlier this afternoon, I received a text from a friend who lives near the Pipestone Valley southwest of Broadview; attached to the text was a photo of a male
May 31

Re: Hudsonian Godwit & Lots of Stilts

Well it did make for an exciting morning of sorts. I haven't chased any sort of rare bird in I'm not sure how long. And it's always nice to have other sets of
May 31
Ralph Goff
May 31

Hudsonian Godwit & Lots of Stilts

Earlier today I had thought I may have been looking at a Black-tailed Godwit, but I finally go to see it's underwing pattern, and it is definitely a Hudsonian
May 31

A couple of Cypress Hills specialities.

In the Centre Block on Highland Trail this morning: Red-naped Sapsucker MacGillivray's Warbler Peace Al Hartley Maple Creek
Al Hartley
May 31

Re: Great Egret at Big Quill Lake/#6 Hwy

Thank you Don for this heads up! I had some free time yesterday afternoon so drove to the wetlands at Hwy 6 North and Hwy 16W junction. Certainly a worthwhile
Laurie Koepke
May 31

yellowthroat yesterday

Yesterday morning a male Yellowthroat showed up besides my pond. Also still hear Tennessees. There was an Empidonax on the Bunny cage yesterday afternoon and a
Paule Hjertaas
May 31

Re: Saskbirds under new Ownership?

Harv I am certain we all appreciate your great work in creating a place for Saskatchewan Birders to communicate. Thank you so much.   Take care Bob L Regina
May 30

Saskbirds under new Ownership?

Howdy, It seems to me that Saskbirds should probably get a new "Owner" ... preferably one who lives in Saskatchewan. (Don't get me wrong, even though I live
Harv Lane
May 30
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