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To Regina and back (2016 Feb 04)

We headed to Regina February 04 at 7:45 AM and were back home by 5:30PM. En route to Regina, we saw: 1 Rough-Legged Hawk (west of Regina) 2 Snowy Owls 1
10:24 AM

Swift Current and area (2016 Jan 24-31)

The last eight days of January were a mixed bag of feathertainment... The nice variety of species we did have dwindled to only a few visiting the yard and
10:16 AM

Birding around the Purdue Lakes

On Friday afternoon-- last, Reta and I did a circuit around the lakes just north of Purdue. Weather was good but not very many species were seen. T hose that
Gord and Rita Taylor
6:57 AM

Bohemian Waxwings & Townsend's Solitaire

Ron, Just reading your post now about the paucity of Bohemian Waxwings in Saskatoon this winter. Last Saturday on January 30th, I came across a huge flock in
8:07 PM

Re: Short-eared Owls

Not in Val Marie. I've been out 2-3 days a week over the last 3 weeks and haven't seen any short eared owls. But then I've not seen any for some time. Last
Feb 2

Short-eared Owls

Did anyone else notice an unusual amount of active in the day Short-eared Owls in the month of January? We have a couple dozen Bohemian Waxwings down here too.
Feb 1

Highlights of Saskatoon Nature Society's Northern Birding outing

On Saturday, January 30, about 20 members of the Saskatoon Nature Society joined an outing led by Marten Stoffel. We stopped first at Harold Fisher's acreage
Shadick, Stan
Jan 31

Re: Wascana Snow Goose

Yes, the Snow Geese have been there all winter-- there were six at the start of December (see post on Dec 04/15), but the group has dwindled somewhat over the
Jan 31

Wascana Snow Goose

Hello all While not birding today, I did notice a few birds worth mentioning today A Rough-legged Hawk at the University near the Ring road, and a second bird
Jan 31

Birding West of Saskatoon

Reta and I decided that the warm temperatures and bright blue skies warra nted a drive to look for birds and landscape photographs. We took Hwy. 14 west to
Gord and Rita Taylor
Jan 31

Snowy Owl

Yesterday we spotted three Snowy Owls during the day and then were surprised with a nice nighttime ending. Around 10:30 pm at the #6 & #39 corner curve by
Jan 31

Re: Re Bohemiun Waxwings

BOHEMIUN? Sorry, I really do know how to spell Bohemian! Good thing Bill doesn’t see my emails! Joyce BOHEMIUN? Sorry, I really do know how to spell
Jan 30

Re Bohemiun Waxwings

We live on the northeast side of Yorkton and have seen waxwings only a few times in this part of town. However, on my daily trips to the nursing home at the
Jan 29

Re: Bohemian Waxwings

Had a few scattered around here too and a couple in the backyard in December. No huge flocks just yet though .... Nick Saskatoon. Sent from my iPhone
Nick S
Jan 29

Re: Bohemian Waxwings

A friend saw a large flock near Pike Lake last week. He is not a birder and didn't know what they were so he sent me pictures. On Friday, 29 January 2016,
Wanda Lauscher
Jan 29
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