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  • nagarajbhadrashetty
    yes, the existential problem has no single answer, i think.when in dream we feel we do really exist and experince the events there as if they are here and
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 17, 2011
      yes, the existential problem has no single answer, i think.when in dream
      we feel we do really exist and experince the events there as if they are
      here and now;only after we wake up we realise it was not a CONCRETE
      thing but a CONCEPYUAL and hence less than virtual.So will we realise
      this life as a state resmbling the dream? no one knows for sure.all our
      attempts to understand the essence and absolute cause and purpose of
      existence are ultimately futile with no conceptions that deliver the
      truth.Intellectual masturbations may be pleasant but not creative.It is
      some what like a group of born blind men seriously trying to understand
      how different colors really look.Only death can reveal the truth if
      there is a state of beingness after death with this
      consciousness.Ultimately it is not what Sartre or Einstein or
      Shankaracharya make out of the meaning , it is what one makes out by
      one's own efforts and making his understanding that is it is emperical
      unto each one.
      --- In Sartre@yahoogroups.com, Nagaraj Bhadrashetty
      <nagarajbhadrashetty@...> wrote:
      > you say ....yes we exhist.dont know as to appreciate or pity or feel
      happy for you for so feeling. i wish i believed i do exhist.but alas ! i
      do not. i did not and i will not at least in the present form of
      awareness.how can i say a rabbit taken out of a magicians cap do really
      exhist. i am not sure either way. i am highly sceptical.sartre says
      BEING MEANS BELONGING TO SOME THING. Can you pl. explore for me?
      > Tommy Beavitt tommy@... wrote:
      > On 17 Jan 2007, at 17:37, Nagaraj Bhadrashetty wrote:
      > > do we really exhist?
      > I suppose its an obvious question really. But perhaps the answer is
      > not so obvious.
      > Arguably the largest of Sartre's contributions to philosophy was his
      > clear statement of the concept of nothingness. This is not the same
      > thing in believing nothing, rather Sartre thought that nothingness
      > lay curled in the very heart of being.
      > In Existentialism and Human emotions he wrote:
      > "But ontology and existential psychoanalysis (or the spontaneous and
      > empirical application which men have always made of these
      > disciplines) must reveal to the moral agent that he is the being by
      > whom values exist. It is then that his freedom will become conscious
      > of itself and will reveal itself in anguish as the unique source of
      > value and the nothingness by which the world exists."
      > and in his fictitious diary of the existential hero, Roquentin, La
      > Nausée, Sartre uses Roquentin's inner thoughts to represent this
      > concept to his readers. For example, Roquentin writes:
      > "if I exist, it is because I am horrified at existing. I am the one
      > who pulls myself from the nothingness to which I aspire: the hatred,
      > the disgust of existing, there are as many ways to make myself exist,
      > to thrust myself into existence. Thoughts are born at the back of me,
      > like sudden giddiness, I feel them being born behind my head ... if I
      > yield, they're going to come round in front of me, between my
      > and I always yield, the thought grows and grows and there it is,
      > immense, filling me completely and renewing my existence."
      > Sartre distinguished between being-in-itself, the world of insentient
      > objects, and being-for-itself, the world of conscious existence.
      > Because of human freedom, it is the quintessence of bad faith to
      > refer to oneself as an object, or to attempt to *behave* like an
      > object, because what man is, is free.
      > But human freedom, for Sartre, as shown above, forces us to confront
      > the nothingness that lies at the centre of everything that we are.
      > And although one of the ways that this nothingness reveals itself to
      > us is in our mortality - and in particular, our choice as to stay
      > alive, or to end our lives by acting on an impulse - it also affects
      > the way that we live the choices that exemplify our freedom.
      > So in the way the answer is yes, we do exist. But the matter of our
      > existence is complicated and not at all a question of making an
      > analogy to things that we observe that are existents in-themselves.
      > What do you think? Do you know that you exist? Does Sartre's
      > description of existence and nothingness tally with your own direct
      > experience?
      > Tommy
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