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    The policy statement on the subject “Impeachment or Safe Passage to General Musharraf” for the information of public and press as issued by the Central
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 18, 2008
      The policy statement on the subject �Impeachment or Safe Passage to General Musharraf� for the information of public and press as issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) is as under:-

      The move of Government for the impeachment of General Pervaz Musharraf is no doubt an admirable and a bold step, yet if at the end, safe passage is given to Musharraf, it would demoralized the whole nation and also badly destroy the credibility of all the Ruling partners.����

      This was stated in a policy statement by the Central Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP), Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik here today.

      Communist Party demanded from the Government that immediately and without any further loss of time, the charge sheet and resolution of impeachment against Musharraf be moved in the joint session of Parliament.

      CPP also demanded that instead of indemnity to Musharraf, an exemplary punishment be awarded to Musharraf so that in future no General should ever dare to violate the Constitution of Pakistan.

      How far, the Army and his one time loyal subordinate and now Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kiani would react about the impeachment or safe passage to Musharraf would be an open secret for all of us very soon in the coming days.

      Every citizen now knows that war of terrorism as initiated by Musharraf is not our but an American war and his enlightened moderation policy has also badly failed to deliver anything positive for the country and for the benefits of public at large.

      CPP assured the Ruling elites that if Martial Law is imposed this time by the Army, the Communist Party would then leave the path of democratic norms and would resist the Martial Law tooth and nail by launching arms struggle against the Pakistan Army and Martial Law in whole of Pakistan.

      Quaid-e-Azam has not created Pakistan for the rule of military and the time will certainly come when the people of Pakistan are free from the clutches of Army and Musharraf for ever, Engineer Jameel vehemently said.

      He said that in the current scenario all other political parties are of the view that our Army is not now interfering and taking part in national politics whereas the Communist Party is of the firm view that our Army has not yet isolated its institution from national politics and now instead of taking part in politics directly, the Pakistan Army is indirectly fully involved in politics in current scenario.

      CPP is of the firm opinion that except Ex-Chief of Army Staff General Waheed Ahmad Kakar, all other Generals including Musharraf and Army has severely violated their oaths and abrogated the Constitution of Pakistan not once but again and again.

      Our Generals and Army has purposely victimized and humiliated the politicians, judges, technocrats, bureaucrats and destroy all the institutions to the highest degree. Every Generals poses that he is the angel and all other are garbage�s and unsuccessfully rule the country on one pretext or the other.

      The CPP Chairman vehemently stressed and said that the Army and General Musharraf, who ruled this country for almost 35 years out of 60 years since independence of Pakistan from British Empire in 1947, has now in fact lost the credibility in the eyes of the down trodden and poor masses of Pakistan.

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    • Press Media of CPP.
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      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 18, 2008

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