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  • khadim_soomro
    ... very emphetic words. I really empressed.
    Message 1 of 21 , Sep 19, 2006
      --- In Sartre@yahoogroups.com, Irina <irislover_s@...> wrote:
      very emphetic words.
      I really empressed.
      > so you wanna choose the easy way out...well..your
      > choice! just like dear ol' sartre said...life is made
      > of choices, and you gotta LIVE with it(an ironic chose
      > of words right now, but very suitable). You're not the
      > only one that thinks the world is a big playground and
      > you're watching the other kids having fun without you.
      > Your place is not amongst humans? You think killing
      > yourself will place you into nothingness? Into this
      > abyss of a very better world filled with only ideas
      > and utopia? read NO EXIT? what if end up into the
      > worst possible HELL with a crowd of people forcing you
      > to speak, hearing your every thought, pushing you to
      > commit, or better yet..a whole lot of nothing, a
      > massive sound of silence and pressure of void
      > thoughts? I'M ALONE...I'M ALONE...As a by the
      > challange: try! Try living, try bearring this absurde
      > existence, try being better then all these actors, try
      > making your own stage! TRY LIVING FOR A CHANGE, this
      > is the real DARE, not just pulling the plug! I thought
      > I was dead myself so many times...thought suicide
      > would be an exist, an end to this absurde, grose world
      > with fake people and masks! But you know what? I'm not
      > a coward! I'm not gonna let ANYBODY nor ANYTHING, not
      > even my crazy thoughts take away the biggest gift
      > ever:LIFE, and the chance to change something, to make
      > a difference...and by that...I started with me!
      > I've attached an essay..it was written in a very low,
      > very close to suicide mood. I'll let you write me back
      > and share some feed-back..that..if you're still among
      > us.
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