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  • William Scarborough
    It seems that this site has morphed into a political propaganda bulletin board for the CPP. This is a far cry from what the group was represented to be The
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 10, 2006
      It seems that this site has morphed into a political propaganda bulletin board for the CPP. This is a far cry from what the group was represented to be

      "The Sartre group is a philosophical discussion forum based around the life and works of Jean-Paul Sartre. Discussions about related thinkers within the continental and existentialist philosophical traditions are also on topic to this group. More particularly, this group is invited to ask the question, "Can we build an ethical system upon the Sartrean existentialist foundation, analogous to ethical systems that have built up around other notable philosophical movements, eg. utilitarianism"? And if so, how would we begin to describe such an ethical system."

      Ever sincethe CCP has been using this site for its rants there has been no serious philosophical discussion. Whatever political leanings any of us may have, this site was advertised as a serious site for phiosophical discussion. Would the moderators permit commercial spam to invade the site? What is the differnce between commercial and political spam? To me none. It substitutes intellectual thought with an attempt to sell something. Has the CCP condemned the "inhumane and cruel actions" (to use their words) of Islamic terrorists or other groups throughout the world. Or do the ends justify the means?

      My time is limited. This is not what I agreed to join.

      Derrick Williams <profdlw5@...> wrote:

      D. Williams

      "Press Media of Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP)." <aitnet04@...> wrote:
      (ATTOCK - PR- IST SEPTEMBER, 2006) The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) strongly condemned the inhuman and cruel actions of Musharraf, Mushaid, Shaukat, Shujaat, Jam Yousaf, Owais Ghani, Sherpao, Rao Iqbal, Farooq Leghari and MQM leader Altaf Hussain for not handing over the body of the Bravo Baluch Nationalist leader Akbar Bugti to the family of Shaheed Bugti for its burial as per Quran, Islamic and Tribal traditions.

      The whole this sad episode shows that how coward and cruel are the Head and Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and others, who even acted against the golden principles as enshrined in the holy book of Quran relating to the burial of the dead person, so much so, the dead coffin was even locked, says the press release issued by the Chairman of CPP, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik, here on Friday.

      Engineer Jameel said that Shujaat never tires of expressing his indebtedness to the Nawab for saving his father's life when Z.A.Bhutto, the then prime minister, had reportedly instructed Bugti, then governor of Balochistan to have his father Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi who was then in the provincial jail, killed.

      And look at Shujaat now. He being President of ruling Muslim League has played no vital and remarkable role for the burial ceremony of Bugti. Chaudhry Shujaat this action shows how loyal, he is to the friend of his father and it also proved beyond any shadow of doubt that Shujaat, Mushaid, Aziz, parliament and others are helpless before Musharraf. What an irony in our country? Is there any Cheif Justice or Justice, who can take suo motu notice of this severe human rights violations?

      The CPP Chairman said that the people in the Punjab are as sad over the death of Bugti and the following unrest in the country as are in other provinces of Pakistan. And yet the blame of usurping the rights of the people of smaller provinces is being placed squarely on the shoulders of Punjab and its people. Why?

      "No Punjabi except Gujrat family Punjabi Shujaat and one half mad Minister Dr. Sher. Afghan of Mianwali supports Musharraf's dictatorial policies including the killing of Nawab Bugti." vehemently stressed by Jameel Malik.

      Look at the factual position: The President is not a Punjabi; The Prime Minister is not a Punjabi; The Senate Chairman is not a Punjabi; The Chief of Army Staff is not a Punjabi; The Vice Chief of Army Staff is not a Punjabi; The Governor of Balochistan is not Punjabi; The Chief Minister of Balochistan is not a Punjabi; One of the officers killed and at least two wounded SSG commandoes during the illegal military operation against Shaheed Bugti are not Punjabis.

      Three out of four military dictators that our country had in the past were not Punjabis.

      He said Bugti's death followed by the way he was buried by the coward rulers of Pakistan would add a new and even a violent urgency to the demands of provincial autonomy by the smaller provinces and the Centre would ultimately be forced to concede to the very demands for which Shaheed Bugti and his clan had taken up arms against the Musharraf regime.

      While the whole country, including the Punjab, was mourning the death of a Baloch Sardar, Punjab Chief Minister, who is brother-in-law of Shujaat claimed the people of Punjab would stand by General Musharraf in his bold decisions of establishing the writ of law. Many found it infuriating and against the interests of the Punjabis--particularly those living in Balochistan.

      But in reality the common Punjabi is just as distressed and confused as people in other provinces. Engineer Jameel concluded his statement with these remarks.

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