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  • mohd sageer
    Dear Comrade, Interestingly, not a sentence has been found in your agendna of the religious extremism in Pakistan which has beocme a bane as much as or even
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25 11:40 PM
      Dear Comrade,

      Interestingly, not a sentence has been found in your agendna of the religious extremism in Pakistan which has beocme a bane as much as or even more than that of the so called American imperialilsm or Musharf's dictatorship.

      Communist nations have adopted a soft approach towards Islamic religious fanatisim at times to the extent of offering tacit acknowledgememnt to their atrocities, in this context in Kashmir.

      The very ideology of Communist Marxism, implicitly denounce the existence of God and it is ironical that communist governemnts , particularly Russia always support the theological regimes such as Iran and other Middle East nations.

      Who was it that said religion is the opium of the masses. ?

      Today, dealing with capaitalist West could be rather child's play compared to Islamic ideological onlsaught and expansionist agenda.

      Look at Pakistan- many roads , buildings and mosques are biuilt with petro-doller funds and these structures bear the name of rulers of the Arab shaikhs. The very ethinic identity of Pakistan is at stake here with Arabization .

      Perhaps leftist can do a lot better addresing these issues first.

      Lal Salam.

      jamcoj <aitnet04@...> wrote:
      Dear Madam/Comrade/Sir,

      The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) is a newly formed moderated
      discussion group and the purposes for creating this Group are as

      Firstly - Is it possible in Pakistan that all the left and
      progressive political parties can be united on one platform so as to
      form one left political party in Pakistan as the scattered left and
      progressive parties have yield no positive results in the Pakistani
      politics yet?

      Secondly - Or if not in one political party, can left and
      progressive parties are competent enough to form an effective united
      alliance against the current military regime?

      Thirdly - Do the leftist and progressive parties and groups should
      join the PONM, an alliance of the Pakistan Oppressed Nationalists
      Movement of various nationalist parties of Baluchistan, NWFP and
      Sindh Provinces?

      Fourthly - Do the leftist and progressive parties and groups should
      join Awami Jamhoori Tehreek (AJT), a newly formed left alliance by 7
      left parties and groups formed to launch a movement against politics
      of status quo and lay the foundation for a true federal,
      parliamentary and democratic order in Pakistan?

      Fifthly - Do the leftist and progressive parties should now join the
      main stream politics of Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD)
      instead of AJT and PONM?

      Sixthly - All the communists, socialists, leftists and progressive
      parties or individuals belonging to other countries of the world are
      also welcome to take part and share their experiences in the debate
      so that we should formulate some concrete analysis in this context.

      Seventhly - The relevant political experiences of communists,
      socialists, leftists and progressive parties or individuals can be
      shared on this Forum, which is purposely created for such healthy

      Eighthly - What should be the concrete analysis as per Marxist
      Ideology in the current scenario and perspective for bringing a
      revolutionary political change in Pakistan?

      Ninthly - Presently in Pakistan, there is no effective role of left
      and progressive parties and groups against the military regime of
      General Pervaz Musharraf and American Imperialism and can we play an
      effective role now, if so, how and why?

      Tenthly – And like-wise many others ideological matters of mutual
      interest can be shared by the members on this Forum.

      Dear Madam/Comrade/Sir,

      If you are interested on debate on such matters, then you are
      requested to accept our invitation and kindly join us and become the
      member of this Forum. By becoming a member of this Forum, does not
      at all means that you have joined Communist Party of Pakistan.

      We are in a process of inviting people from different left and
      progressive political parties, groups and individuals and so it will
      take some time for its mobilization and when a considerable numbers
      of person have joined this Forum, than a date for debate will also
      be announced to all of you officially by the Moderator of this

      We intend and hope to hold seminar on this debate at
      Rawalpindi/Islamabad in near future. The people and persons who are
      interested to take part as speaker or audience may also kindly
      intimate us so that a proper invitation is sent to them.

      To learn more about the communistpartyofpakistan group, please visit

      To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send
      email to communistpartyofpakistan@yahoogroups.com

      If you do not wish to belong to communistpartyofpakistan, you may
      unsubscribe by sending an email to communistpartyofpakistan-

      To see and modify all of your groups, go to

      With regards,

      Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik,
      Communist Party of Pakistan,
      Communist Party Secretariat,
      1426-Fateh Jang Chowk,
      Attock Cantonment.

      Office: 0092-57-2611426
      Res: 0092-57-2701353
      Fax: 0092-57-2612591
      Mob: 0092-300-9543331
      E-Mail: aitnet04@...

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