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Re: [Sartre] Implications/effects/significance "in" some-thing

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  • Elaine
    We reduce everything to representations - I think, therefore I am , an object in the world. As I have thoughts, memory and ideas , they must be in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2005
      We reduce everything to "representations" - "I think, therefore I am", an
      object "in" the world. "As I have thoughts, memory and ideas", they must be
      "in" the mind.

      "I have emotions and desires" - therefore they must be "in" me, "in" my
      heart. "I have senses". "I can smell, taste and have feelings", therefore
      they must exist "in" objective reality. I am "conscious" of all these
      things, but they are no-thing, which can be seen to exist "in" the world.

      If we take the true reality of this world to be only that, which can be
      physically grasped, all we are left with are "objects", which are seen to
      move. We could say that tables and rocks do not move. However, a table in
      its original state was part of a tree and while the trunk of the tree does
      not appear to move, its leaves and roots move and the trunk grows taller and
      wider. A rock in its original state was part of a mountain, which in turn is
      part of the Earth, which moves in rotation. All matter is constitutive of
      the same neutrons and quarks, the only difference in manifestation, the
      differing dance of neutrons and quarks. Hence, the reality of this world is
      the manifestation of Energy.

      But even our seeing and grasping is part of Consciousness. Thinking,
      thoughts, memory, ideas, smell, taste, emotions and desires are all part of
      Consciousness. But is Consciousness part of Energy?

      Given as we reduce everything to "representations", even in acknowledging
      that there is No-thing "in" this world, other than that made manifest by a
      differing dance of neutrons and quarks as Energy, we still attempt to ground
      Consciousness and Energy "in" some-thing.

      I now perceive that even the Buddhists have not escaped this attempt to
      reduce everything to a "representation". While they rightly perceive there
      to be no self and all in the world made manifest by one Energy, by
      proclaiming all to be but one "self-creating, self-maintaining,
      self-defining organism", they have not escaped the concept of "in" and
      "belonging" to some-thing, as "in" and "belonging" to one "self-creating,
      self-maintaining, self-defining organism".

      Love & Massive Hugs

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