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Meaning ? Religion ? Choices ?

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  • Mathew Nagy Thomas
    Is it possible that we can live our whole lives looking for the meaning of life and fail (miserably) to find it ? Yes, its just possible that Vasilis is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4 11:30 PM
      Is it possible that we can live our whole lives looking for
      the 'meaning' of 'life' and fail (miserably) to find it ? Yes, its
      just possible that Vasilis is right, 'meaning' could be something we
      assign to life. Most of us here have at some point in their life
      asked ourselves the same question though, (What is the meaning of
      life ?). Is there more to this futile, boring existence ? is tomorrow
      any different from today ? was yesterday any different from the day
      before ? does anything mean anything in the end ? True that there are
      unique incidents each day, but do they mean anything ? do the
      sequence of these event mean anything ? does it matter if x happened
      before Y ? does it matter at all if x and y happen ?.
      Religion.. hmmmm.. is it fair to say that religion is a source of
      comfort/security that most people seek ? When we are children, our
      parents are the all-powerful powers that keep us safe, our very sense
      of security and comfort revolves around them. As we grow up we
      realize that daddy and mommy arent exactly the all powerful people
      who can protect us all the time, and suddenly our whole world
      collapses, we no longer have anything behind which to hide, we are
      exposed, defenseless, and we cannot have it so, so we seek other
      sources from which we derive security. Religion comes in handy at
      this point, there you have this all powerful 'superman' who can keep
      you safe from everything, and whats more, theres jingle bells and the
      river of joy when all this is over, the promise of an after life, its
      too tempting, we need to believe that. We can choose to live in that
      fantasy for as long as we want to, belive that this is not the end,
      and at some level it doesnt have to be, this can just be a phase we
      are going through, similar to the one we went through in the womb,
      birth can be a sort of death too, its just a transition from one form
      of existence to another.
      Its how we want to look at it, do we choose to see the flower? and
      find joy in the beauty that it (temporarily) provides us ? or do we
      see the bigger truth that the flower is just a moment, that the
      ultimate truth is that it will wither, and cease to exist, nothing.
      We can choose to live wherever we want to.. believe whatever we want
      to.. assign anything to 'life'. I just remembered 'Waiting for
      Godot', yes we can keep hoping that Godot will show up, and everyday
      is the same, of course we have different converstions, eat different
      dishes, meet different people, but does any of this make any
      difference ? Does any of these 'choices' make any difference in the
      bigger scheme of things ? Talking of choices, I remember something a
      friend once said, "Karma is the paradox of being given choices". Do
      we really have choices ? do any of the choices we make change
      anything in the end? If there is a bigger scheme of things, and there
      is something called 'destiny', we really dont have choices. If all
      our lives are predestined, there really isnt anything
      called 'choices', or are we condemned to be free; because once thrown
      into the world, he is responsible for everything he does ? forlorn,
      because neither within him nor without does he find anything to cling

      Well.. these are some of my thoughts as of this moment.. thought I
      would like to share them with you all.
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