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Energy, Vision, Creation, Evolution, Fracturing, Recreation

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  • Elaine Phipps-Earl
    Was it many becoming One Or One becoming many? Science proclaims it to be One If One, with many parts, then reality is co-created. If all is as One energy, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2004
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      Was it many becoming One
      Or One becoming many?
      Science proclaims it to be One
      If One, with many parts, then reality is co-created.
      If all is as One energy, the only difference in the manifestation of matter the differing movement or dance of neutrons and quarks, then in the process of the dance, do the parts evolve to become distinct things-in-themselves, a differing energy there created ?
      If in the process of the dance, differing energies are created and these continue to evolve to become distinct in themselves, then what was once One, must begin to fracture. If the many parts of One begin to fracture,
      as in a crystal ball, then the vision of co-created reality must also begin to fracture. In the fracturing of the vision, the physical manifestations of this vision must also be seen to fracture, to pull away from each other, this pulling away made evident with Earth changes, Earth quakes, Earth slides, volcanic activity, tidal waves, fires, floods and droughts, things falling from the sky, things colliding, the vision of co-created reality, as in a crystal ball, shattering into a billion pieces. While this shattering represents the end of the vision and an end of this co-created reality as we know it, it could perhaps be said that this shattering is the beginning of a billion new realities, each newly created energy creating an alternative vision, where many conjoin to create One reality or perhaps conjoin with an already existent alternative reality. This still doesn't rule out the possibility that some of these billions will reconstitute as one to co-create another reality.

      The order appears to be Energy, Vision, Creation, Evolution, Fracturing, Recreation. While i can perceive of a relation between Vision, Creation, Evolution, Fracturing and Recreation. It is difficult to conceive of the relation between Energy and Vision. If Energy exists as the original thing in itself, does the vision or do visions, as static frames for the creation of reality also exist as possibilities for creating reality or is the vision created by the energy? Are Energy and Consciousness distinct? Does vision make conscious or consciousness make visions, or are they interactive ?

      Romantics perceived of the artist as bringing to manifestation the Spirit, which flowed through all of nature, through all that "is", while other's rejecting the notions of Romanticism, perceived the artist as Creator of reality.

      The artist perceives a vision and with the power of imagination, makes manifest a creation. However, regardless of whether this is a manifestation of Spirit or the transfiguring of energy, it is still a co-creation. The artist needs the vision, the imagination, the skill to paint, the brushes, the paint and all constitutive in the paint, the canvas etc to make manifest something, which becomes a thing-in-itself.

      If, as i have stated in past, the operative word is "believe" -
      I wrote :-When u say there is no Creator, no God, a thought crossed my mind, a thought which had crossed my mind several years ago. The operative word is 'believe" as in "as u believe then so it is". The Hindu believes that one's very last thought in this life determines the next life. The Buddhist believes in "Nothingness", which does not imply "Nothing". Nothingness is perceived of as energy, rather than an entity and the Buddhist believes that as long as we remain tied to thoughts and beliefs we will never experience absolute freedom. For those who believe God exists, God exists. For those who believe in Heaven, Heaven exists. For those who believe in Hell, Hell exists, "believing" being the operative word in energy, where believing makes it so, not only as a thought in mind, but as an experienced reality. Thought and belief continually create. This is the ultimate experience of love and freedom, to be, to conceive, to perceive, to believe and in believing coming once again to be, the eternal cycle. Yet it is not merely one cycle, but rather billions of cycles all interconnected, all simultaneously happening now.

      Heidegger proclaimed that even in disbelief, i may close my eyes and believe it does not exist, yet upon opening my eyes it still remains. When my Dearest Ronnie (R.D. Laing) speaks of the unconscious agreement to maintain the dulusional drama of reality in order to avoid responsibility for one's own experience in being, to avoid responsibility for the definition of what "is", perhaps this unconscious agreement is maintained based upon an unconscious understanding that without cohesion in belief, reality will fracture. If few in co-created reality begin to doubt, perceiving it as mere delision, the manifestation of reality remains cohesive. However, with greater doubt, reality begins to fracture.

      Love & Massive Hugs


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