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A little more understanding of 'Being'

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  • decker150
    Being is a progression. Specifically, it is a time progression . This is why Sartre had to deal with the issues of past, present and future. However,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2004
      'Being' is a progression. Specifically, it is a 'time progression'. This is why Sartre had to deal with the issues of past, present and
      future. However, Heidegger had already explicated 'time' in his masterpiece Being & Time. Sartres great Being & Nothingness puts
      all the well established topics into his own words (a grand paraphrasing). Has anyone done a topic-to-topic comparison of the two
      great works side by side? I often wonder where Sartre's originality is placed? Perhaps it was on the subject of 'nothingness' itself, the
      negatites and the issues of 'lack' or the 'void' of non-being. This is certainty a feature.
      But back to the 'progression', it may be interpreted as completeness, continuousness and pendency. The 'is' refered to as the
      present tense of 'to be' and indicates the 'thereness' continuum of time and space, anything objective in space, but includes as well,
      consciousness that 'is' part of the human experience. But the story I make up about all of this is that consciousness is dependent
      upon space much like time aligns itself to dimensionalities. Where would time be without space?
      The progression of 'Being' moves in a flowing onward description. I describe it as as constant sense of awaiting something (pendency)
      which in part appears in the immediately recognized continuum of space and time, but eventually arrives as a state called completion.
      In order words, tomorrow becomes today and eventually terminates as yesterday. Completion is that termination or fulfillment, that
      we express in our being as 'over and done' with. The perfect fulfillment of life is death, the end of one's time-in-the-world, the
      culimnation of one's being-with-others or 'time-with-them'. Being-with (Mit Da-sein) is the same as Time-with. I other words, one can
      not being-with-another or be-in-the-world (all subspecies of Being-in-general) without this 'time-progression'.

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