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Reality and Co-created Reality

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  • Elaine Phipps-Earl
    Hi Chris ;)))) U wrote :- I m not sure what you re getting at with this concept of co-creation . We all have our subjective views of reality. Do these views
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2004
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      Hi Chris ;))))

      U wrote :- I'm not sure what you're getting at with this concept of "co-creation". We all have our "subjective" views of reality. Do these views qualify as "co-created" reality, whereas the objective (and possibly unattainable) view of reality is "that which IS"?

      My understanding of the distinction between reality, which "is" and "co-created" reality as in believed/or appearing to be, has been formulated in regard to the insight of many differing philosophers, to name but a few, Kant, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Sartre, Jung and R.D.Lang. When one stands in full-connected consciousness in the experience of being, one experiences what "is". This can be experienced as a connectedness with nature as one stands alone in the wilderness. Alternatively, this connectedness or oneness can be experienced in sacred places i.e. churches, mosques, temples, places like Stone Henge, Inca Ruins, Historical sites. Yet again this connectedness can be experienced in the sharing with another or others of a passion, be it making love, rafting down a river, singing a song, chanting, drumming, dancing, laughing, where one just "is" completely connected to the experience, completely enveloped in "feeling" without "thinking".

      A "co-created" reality is founded upon collective belief in regard to appearances, rather than as things are in themselves. "Co-created" reality reflects what we perceive, think, or believe things to be. Where what "is" in reality gives a sense of the eternal, "co-created" reality is subject to continual change. In "co-created" reality we perceive ourselves as existing within a flow of time, this sense of flow associated with our temporal conjoining of sense impressions and in relation to others with whom we share this reality. In "co-created" reality the now or present is ever elusive, for the moment we think upon the present it is already past. In the connected experience with all that "is" we have no sense of time, for all is "now". Perhaps it could be said that there are three realities as in (1) a reality which "is" (2) a subjective reality the individual senses to be and (3) a co-created reality as in the collective belief of things being as they appear to be.

      Of course, each philosopher as mentioned above, has a differing theory in regard to these realities. However, what I have written above is my overall understanding of these distinct realities.

      Love & Massive Hugs


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