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Online-journal on qualitative research

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  • Katja Mruck
    I like to inform those of you who might be interested about a new bilingual online-journal on qualitative research. For further informations please visit
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 1999
      I like to inform those of you who might be interested about a new
      bilingual online-journal on qualitative
      research. For further informations please visit FQS�-website at
      http://qualitative-research.net/fqs/fqs-eng.htm or contact me directly.

      Best regards,
      Katja Mruck


      Theories . Methods . Applications

      Editors: Jarg Bergold, Franz Breuer, Heiner Legewie, Katja Mruck

      FQS is a bilingual online journal for qualitative research which is
      currently being developed. The main aim of FQS is to promote discussion
      and cooperation between qualitative researchers from different nations
      and social science disciplines (f.e. Anthropology, Communication,
      Criminology, Cultural Sciences, Education, Ethnology, History,
      Linguistics, Management Information Systems, Medicine, Nursing,
      Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology). The unique
      attributes of the internet - speed, flexibility, interactivity - will be
      employed in order to develop, in comparison to traditional print media,
      new discourse forms and standards for quality. Being an experimental
      project means foremost being an open project in which FQS� content and
      formal design will be developed together with all of its participants -
      readers, authors, editorial board members and editors alike.

      Editorial Board:
      Ralf Bohnsack, Michael B. Buchholz, Juliet M. Corbin, John Cromby,
      Norman Denzin, Hans-Liudger Dienel, Carolyn Ellis, Nigel Fielding, J�rg
      Frommer, Coco Fuks, Uta Gerhardt, Graham Gibbs, Roland Girtler, Barney
      G. Glaser, Susan Hansen, Ronald Hitzler, Gerd J�ttemann, Werner
      Kallmeyer, Udo Kelle, Bobbi A. Kerlin, Gerhard Kleining, Susann Kluge,
      Karin Knorr-Cetina, Klaus Peter Koepping, Wolfgang Kraus, Siegfried
      Lamnek, Gabi L�schper, Winfried Marotzki, Philipp Mayring, G�nter Mey,
      David J. Nightingale, Catherine Payze, Carl Ratner, Jo Reichertz,
      Lourdes Denis Santana, Rudolf Schmitt, Falk Seeger, J�rgen Straub,
      Kazuyo Suzuki, Jaan Valsiner, Harald Welzer, Clemens Wischermann,
      Andreas Witzel

      Volumes 2000:
      - Qualitative-research@internet - (inter-) national and (inter-)
      disciplinary perspectives (January)
      - Qualitative Psychology - disciplinary orientations within
      interdisciplinary discourse (May)
      - Text . Archive . Re-Analysis (September)

      Volumes planned after 2000:
      - Qualitative and quantitative research: how the two research traditions
      see each other
      - Interpretation - one text, varying readings
      - Cultural Sciences - international insights
      - Qualitative evaluation

      FQS - Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung
      / Forum: Qualitative Social Research

      Postal address:
      Technische Universit�t Berlin
      Psychologie im Institut f�r Sozialwissenschaften
      ATLAS - Archiv f�r Technik, Lebenswelt, Alltags-Sprache
      - FQS / Dr. Katja Mruck -
      Sekr. HAD 40
      Hardenbergstr. 4-5
      D - 10623 Berlin

      e-mail: mruck@...-berlin.de, mruck@...
      fax: +49 / 30 / 314 25296
      phone: +49 / 30 / 314 25400 or 791 5431
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