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Re: Introduction.

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  • karenmhayse
    Hey Captain--is this you? Slick ... interest ... today. ... I ... on. ... excuse ... post.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 11, 2003
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      Hey Captain--is this you? Slick

      --- In Sartre@yahoogroups.com, "Charlie Bruno" <missdada@a...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > My name is Charlie, and I have only recently had a renewed
      > in philosophy. Reading some of Satre's works (and other's), back in
      > the mid 70's has had a significant influence in the way I think
      > I have since gotten away from such interest, due to the coarse of
      > life, but reading a few of your post got me hooked again. ...(Who's
      > post stated that he was new to Satre and was only to p.4 of
      > B&N,..cause I've tried to read B&N and could not even get to p.4).
      > also enjoyed seeing a reference to Lewis Caroll's works. ..Wasn't
      > Caroll also a logician who early pioneered Boolean Logic?.
      > I hope I may be welcomed to the group, though I am a 1st grader
      > among college students. I recently felt unwelcomed to a group to
      > which subject I was very interested in, but had a different slant
      > I which I could share details but...ahh hell...it was a group about
      > astral traveling...I do it, as form of recreation, controlled
      > dreaming as you will, and was willing to share my technique which I
      > have developed over many years. But most of the group see it as a
      > mystic experience...guides, chantra's, energies, etc.... and,
      > the pretention, but there, I felt like the college student.
      > So, I will probably just be reading,learning and enjoying your
      > ...P.S. How many credits is this course...
      > Sincerely, Charlie B.
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