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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    SOCIAL REALITY and PHYSICAL REALITY CAN THEY BE SAVED? SOCIAL REALITY Social outcome and the condition of social reality depends on how well society cooperates
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003

      Social outcome and the condition of social reality depends on how
      well society cooperates to achieve progress and quality and pass
      this behavior and technology to the next generation to improve upon.

      PHYSICAL REALITY (we live on a little dirt ball in space and wrestle
      over it like fleas on a dog)
      The condition of Physical reality and its outcome depends on
      movements of the planets and space matter(asteroids) in space,
      cosmic energies, vibrational frequencies and other forces beyond
      human control and/or predictability. The universe is alive we are
      but insects/bacteria within it, if it suddenly decided to shift its
      massive body in our direction as it does quite often, our fate would
      be like that of so many other planets destroyed by other colliding
      planets, asteroids, exploding hydrogen planets super novas hurling
      radioactive and other harmful matter towards other planets,
      imploding forming black holes, and more. But the clueless on this
      planet enjoy remaining so living in their delusional sugar coated
      bureaucratically run concepts of reality, preferring ignorance is
      bliss over gaining a little intelligence and a putting forth little
      effort to protect and preserve the human spices from what could
      happen at any moment TOTAL ANNIHILATION

      While the out numbered watch these unprepared fools follow a path
      of self-destructive apathetic, greedy, materialistic, ignorant
      slothful overindulgence, that threatens to take us drag us down
      with them as we haven't suffered enough drug into a world with so
      many inter woven social problems still not solved still not ready
      for more innocents to suffer and be condition to have little choice
      but make their mistakes. DOES NO ONE REMEMBER! No matter how
      priviliged you were when you were born you still lost you innocence
      when you were born in to such an sinfully ignorant(stupid) planet
      HOW DARE THEY, they were not parents they were forced sex offenders
      pawns of a sickening government descended from rich, racist,
      enslaving, families monarchies that still exist today. And even when
      they do not exist the false fairy tale stories inspire people to
      reinvent them as it they would become noble families aristocrats of
      their day.

      Humans try to achieve so much and are so impatient, rush,
      muscle/enslave for narrow gain (to get as much as they can out of
      life before they die and let other clean up the mess) how little the
      materialistic think of others before their pursuits or how fragile
      their physical universe is. The ignorance of humans is like the
      insects like the ant which builds ant hills tiny kingdoms/homes, not
      thinking some careless human would accidentally step on it and ruin
      all their efforts. Humans toil much the same way and even though
      they are able with that big brain they do not make better homes
      resistant to reoccurring hazzards and natural disasters like fires,
      floods, hurricanes, lightning etc. If humans cannot handle these
      simple forces of nature that have been happening on the planet even
      before the birth of the humans on it, what are they to do about the
      infinite sea of the universe they are afloat in? (Pathetic) don't
      think like a human
      Intelligence allows that humans could be prepared for cosmic
      disaster (space vehicles etc.)if they were not so preoccupied and
      disorganized by foolish primitive materialistic desires, blinding
      the majority of them from the bigger picture of their fragile
      limited existence. And the majority doist enslave and oppress the
      minority push and pull taking them with them on their foolish
      adventures of vain quest.

      Our combined ignorance put each other through so much nonsense and
      grief Fu*ked as soon as we are born working hard as dung beatles
      trying to acquire sh*t only to be wiped out like ants to clumsy feet
      and planets to stray asteroids and supernovas.(pathetic/tell it like
      it is the truth only hurts ignorant bitch ass people that do not
      want to learn how to cope evolve to the only constant in existence

      Our minds are like containers this ignorant society encourages and
      thinks you are smart if you go out of your way to fill your mind
      full of out dated concepts, historical events, mathematic equations,
      and other things not relevant to the limited time we have for our
      spirits to express wonders through the flesh.
      People have low self esteems and People are not egotistical enough
      to encourage the pride and self respect to fix their weakness for
      example My egotistical statement from the power from God that flows
      through me to state that THE SMARTER PEOPLE BECOME THE MORE THEY
      Get off your asses and if you see me on my as tell me
      to get up!
      Your in the Game whether you like it or not. PLAY OR GET PLAYED.

      Please support Peaceful Education, Government and World reform

      It is ridiculous what hoops you have to jump through to progress
      academically to gain better employment. For Example With as much
      access to information there is on any subject. The Traditional
      requirements of education system for essays etc. is greatly flawed
      and does a great injustice to those more qualified to assess and
      write publish research only to have young adults in high
      school/college reinterpret their hard work with less quality an
      accuracy. The education System wants to teach but the government
      wants to give us screwed up lives to study in.

      Damn this stupid excuse for a planet and its inhabitants surrounded
      by fools and cowards what am I to do in this conspiracy? It is
      terrible become addicted to what has robed you of so much LIFE , it
      is terrible the way life robs you of death release oblivion to never
      know want, shame, guilt, knowledge of any kind to disturb the peace
      of oblivion from whence you came, It is terrible to become addicted
      to life to want attention to feel lonely ,to have ambition, to care
      to be driven, to want to die peacefully but on your own terms with
      so much in the way, to lie to yourself to not know if you are lying
      to yourself, damn, The Bible speaks of a God that will rapture and
      burn the face of the earth clean of all the wicked people. That has
      done its people harm and it is said that God knows its people from
      their intentions and deeds well then let god know me that if I
      become those people let me burn, but even that is wrong to say, but
      what is right, why do I care, why do I know why I care, I do not get
      the twisted pleasure of not knowing why because I swore an oath in
      the military and to God I cannot break that oath, there is no going
      back for those like me we know this....and we know why... to go back
      on your word to blame the world for your weak heart and selfish
      reasons. Come see what I hath not seen nor ear hear or mind hath yet
      traveled come see the wonders that begin with a bond that is a trust
      called oath...what I have pondered is to great for me to turn my
      back on those who would turn haven't seen it have nothing greater
      than their pain, hatred, anger, rage to hold on too to reach out
      for, for I was that until I sought a different path. Until something
      reached me. Those who try are crazy, the world is crazy, we all are
      crazy but am I not crazy in a good way Amen the end. I can and I do
      blame the world for so much but for a weak heart selfishness I have
      my intent it is not lost I hope to Improve the social condition and
      with my hope I have. What do I have to Hide what is so wrong to
      want to do great things and help as many people I help get their in
      the process , How do I get people to help me help them, help them
      come to their senses. I can already sense them trying to feed off my
      pain instead of helping me but is my pain I feel or is it the worlds
      pain and my pain is put asunder with logic.
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