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  • bjunius30
    The Poetry of Decadence Written by Bryan Evan Christopher Junius What is the use of existence if we can not perceive existence as being something useful?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      The Poetry of Decadence

      Written by Bryan Evan Christopher Junius

      What is the use of existence if we can not perceive existence as
      being something useful? Humanity is machine endowed with the
      unflattering gift for logic and self mutilation; almost in cycles,
      are we weeping for patriarchial atonements, the irreconcilible
      differences for Mankind to come to redemption for the sake of self
      and religious posterity; also as a will tranquilized into stupor by
      external pestilences of epiphenomenal experience that causes no
      result in indivisible truth of mind. Irreducible phenomenon of mind
      is reductionism at it's best to target and pinpoint consecutive cause
      which is caused by the very existence we, as we the humanity of
      thought and civilisation, are prone to carry out, and not hesitate to
      destroy. It is with the slander of existence we destroy our every
      threshold of self-absorbed thought. The being of being something
      other than myself in this world of others, if this is so called that,
      should be justified by the slate of every identity that holds their
      role in the sociological value of this created being, as it is "The
      world of the Others". These identities; A role of society; An ego; I
      am in the presence of scoundrels and harlots, vixens, paupers,
      vagabonds, ruffians, corporate shakers, religious zealots,
      underground towers, homosexual drag queens, and feministic cover girl
      imprinted on the covers of glossy Vogue, Mademoiselle, and Maybelline.
      What is the state of the nation-state today? I am in the world,
      because I am the mutual collective being. Do we all not wish to
      procreate and thrust our image from our mind. Does our minds not
      allow competition for the sake of humanity, a machine of cogs and
      embryonic waste, a reusuable commodity for future use at lower
      pricing, and perhaps calling it "Salvation".
      Religion is the world of existence; it wishes to be the center of
      thought and behavior, and how dare each and every one of you, if you
      should ever think out of queue!
      Existence. A sweet melancholy and chalk full of nothingness brimming
      with livelihood, boyhood, girlhood, fatality, as well as the tragic
      after math of remembrance.
      If existence, temporality of being are so benign, then why are we not
      true to the value of the worth they put on us. I as the individual am
      not independant by truth. In collective thought, we are ammassed to
      commune and to become one as if we were programmed to kill off those
      that decide "independance" is of value. Society says; Thought is free
      choice, just like paying taxes! That is your choice. How poetic and
      oxymoronic things sounds in the light of really looking at them.
      Perhaps the logical positivist's view are a bit shrew and too
      meandering and soon he forgets what he was trying to accomplish in
      the first place by placing too much focus on detail of meaning for
      the existence one lives.
      Should all existence be void of behavior? How about communication?
      People? Society? If but one person lived to exist another day, as if
      yesterday and today were the ark of discovery, would he or she live a
      better existence knowing that being void of behavior, communication
      or society has done them profoundly in unjust ways?What do you think?
      I is the example of meta-logical presense, whereby, I must know I
      before I know i ever exist. And nothing comes before presense (most
      would assume this is God, or higher level consciousness, shiva, kali,
      buhdda, Varishnavahiti, etc,)
      Must God be blamed for everything then...including I and existence
      that supposedly precedes essence, if Jean Paul Sartre was correct to
      say before he thought otherwise.

      Existence the seat of presense you say?
      Monkeys are vegetarians too? Thank you.
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