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[Sartre] Re: The Supreme Being of Being

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  • Tommy Beavitt
    ... In other words, that which is resists change. But change occurs continuously. It is the only constant. If I construct the fact of my existence to be
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 13, 2003
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      At 3:58 pm +0000 11/4/03, decker150 wrote:
      >The central core value of that universal
      >state is to remain there as opposed to being obliterated,
      >anilihilated, destroyed. Of course; yes, there are moments with
      >destruction is a means to betterment, and the universal contains
      >transformations of a destructive end. However, in the end, Dasein
      >prevails and something is-still-there, rather than nothing. Absolute
      >Nothingness, now that would be for Dasein, undesireable.
      >If anyone has something meaningful to say about Nothingness that
      >does not result in self-annihilation; let me know.

      In other words, that which is resists change. But change occurs
      continuously. It is the only constant. If I construct the fact of
      'my' existence to be such-and-such a thing, is this construction
      necessarily of that which resists change? Can I alternatively make
      myself the same thing as Change itself? Assuming that this is
      possible, is being the same thing as Change itself the same thing as
      becoming identical with Power? If so, in doing this have I become
      that-which-changes rather than that-which-is-changed?

      It seems to me that Power, for the first time since 1945, has become
      once again accepted as the chief force governing human affairs (I
      quote: "It is not a question of authority, it is a question of will"
      George W Bush, 18th March). This means that we as beings have a very
      clear choice: we can become that which effects change (allied with
      the USA) or that which is changed (opposed to the USA).

      Of course this is only a human version of Power. Not even GWB can
      counter the ageing process - or at least, his ability to do so is
      limited by the limits of medical technology.

      I tend to concur with Confucius, who said: the strongest thing is
      grass because it bends with the wind. Of course, he was not being

      We, as Dasein, have to accept that Absolute Nothingness, as you put
      it, is, for ourselves, something which will happen. To the extent
      that I am I will [at some point in the future] no longer be. "I"
      experience change as that which changes even
      that-which-experiences-change. The biggest change that I will
      experience is my loss of Self. To the extent that I have prepared
      myself for this I have already lost it. You can call this
      self-annihilation if you like. I call it honesty.


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