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Tommy uses communication theory to support the decaying elements of capitalism and democracy instead of using Sartre to enable the people a freedom choice to enjoy the silence of their own flesh and blood in body.

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  • Richard Radandt
    This is a continuation of my present of the silence of the flesh and blood in body and the evil of communication theory coming out of the reification known as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
      This is a continuation of my present of the silence of the flesh and blood in body and the evil of communication theory coming out of the reification known as god, theology, and ethics in its manifestation as capitalism, democracy and the sado masochism of the in its there-alone and the other.
      First, it doesn't seem to be happy with the idea of silence. The silence of the body seems to be some sort of nihilism or absurdity in relation to the use of language. I don't see communication theory as an attack on silence. The in its there-alone exists in its Being in silence and communication theory wants to remove this existence and throw Being into the collective consciousness of sameness denying many of the potential, projecting possibilities of the individual in its own existence. Example the communication theory of [a] the Queen of England and its existence; [b] The hierarchy in the house of Lords; [c] The progressive nature of the Church of England; and [d] the necessity of a free press. If none of these things exists, I Being in the world will still exist in silence, in the authentic. In the communications theory, I no longer exist as authentic unless I give up my labor power to the capitalist class and my rights in an individual to the government with their rights to tax and to punish. The movement of the flesh and blood from silence into communication with the other is abandonment and a condemnation to deny for the care and the concern of the body or the primordial existence in the authentic. It's the movement to one of the symbols of the totems and taboos shutting down the creative changing and doing of Being in the world.

      In your dream, and I'm not going to define dream, if it results in creative use of your labor power. It needs to change some potential, projecting possibility resulting in the free choice of care and concern for your own flesh and blood. In the its there-alone, this is a continuation of the body in the nature of Being in the world as the authentic. I argue this is hard to achieve and occurs less and less for us in democratic capitalism. I don't define democratic capitalism. The problem is the introduction of communication. This is the start of Hegel's Master and Slave or bondage and domination. In communication, there's always and not yet the horizon of noise. This is the idle chatter or the gossip of the everydayness of Heidegger and Kierkegaard. This is the other making a scapegoat of the in its there-alone living in the silence of care and concern.

      I may give you a thought and you may dream. Your decision is a free choice to bring into your memory the thought or not. If you bring it into your body, it's yours and no longer mine. It's possible some one else also gives you the thought. I'm not sure the brain can give ownership to the other instead of you or me. The dream isn't a part of communication theory and it's silence. The dream isn't a [a] reflection, [b] a representation, [c] a projection, or [d] an action or a consequence trying to become a potential possibility. You write a poem as a potential, projecting possibility to use the creating and changing labor power in your flesh and blood. This isn't a reflection of an idea and it isn't a dream. This isn't inspiration and it's no more than the care and the concern in your flesh and blood as Being in the world.

      The publishing is now communication theory. You enter the social relations of [a] democracy, [b] capitalism, and [c] communications. The girl coming from Germany is now one of moving from the flesh and blood in body to one of symbols and taboos. This is communications and not silence. The poem is now reification. She sees it as a reality. Her racism or sense of apartheid doesn't let her in silence feel the sexuality of the young man from Turkey living on the third floor of her quarters in Mite section of Berlin. She denies the care and concern of her flesh and blood. In silence isn't accepting she's a Lesbian and isn't turning to the female fry cook where she eats supper each night.

      The communication theory allows one the excuse to deny the ready at hand. I a woman and I leave Russia as I see it as Communist and in this sense a place with no freedom. I come to the United States go on relief and in thirty days I find a young man and I'm pregnant and since he's a citizen of the United States I'm now a citizen of the United States. In thirty days, communications theory allows one to change from a communist with no freedom to a Democratic Capitalist with total freedom. Communication theory has nothing to do with the measurement of either shouting or talking whispers. I go into a Brazil restaurant in Rio. I want a beer. The server speaks beautiful Brazilian Portuguese. I want a beer and my Portuguese is such I'm lucky he doesn't throw me out of the place for loitering. In my sign language, I point to my eye. He steps back and it occurs to him I'm indicating or unconcealing in my flesh and blood in silence I want to see the beer. He brings back a bottle with the appearance of a good beer. I smile and grab one of his hands with both of my hands. He smiles, and I drink.

      I'm not stating silence is [a] nihilism, or [b] absurdity. I'm saying the absurdity and the nihilism is communication theory to explain my behavior or lack of it. To explain ethics or theology by the use of communications theory is the absurdity and the nihilism of supporting the existence of [a] democracy, and [b] capitalism, and [c] religion, and [d] the queen of England. I remain silent not because I feel I might incriminate myself and [a] the other will reject me, [b] I will be charged with trespassing and loitering and thrown out, [c] I will be alone. I remain silent in order to create the change in action to accomplish my potential, projecting possibilities in the care and concern in my flesh and blood in body in Being in the world.

      The genocide and the omnicide of Ariel Sharon against the deaths of 1,200 Arabs in Palestine in 2002 is a part of my suffering. This is true if I communicate it or I remain silent. The care and concern in the silence of my body enables me in a creative changing expression to mention his atrocities. I'm in most cases talking to the wind and the trees and according to my friends neither the trees nor the wind is listening. My non-silence here isn't getting me to achieve my possibilities and in many cases, the other moves away from me as they admire the scapegoat techniques of Ariel Sharon. The other in most cases of communication will accept the reification of freedom, namely the genocide and omnicide of Ariel Sharon to be real, and the suffering of the Arabs to be not real. They will accept the deification of me as Being. This is using me as a scapegoat for communicating the genocide and omnicide of Ariel Sharon. They will not use communication theory or silence to [a] unfold, [b] reveal, [c] unconcealing, or [d] let there own silence of the flesh and blood in their own body of the authentic Being in the world state in articulation. They use communication to silence what Sharon is doing is genocide and omnicide and people are dieing because of Ariel Sharon.

      I'm not very comfortable in the hardwiring theory of Being in the world. I still own the freedom of choice and I'm responsible to make a decision to let you hit me in the head or not. In Iraq, four United States military personnel stop a car with a driver. My instinct is to let one person approach the vehicle and keep the other three behind. This to me is survival and common sense. No, because of the use of communication theory all, four approach and they all die in the bomb attack. In another situation a column of four or five British vehicles with clear identifications on them are traveling through the dessert in Iraq. A United States plane flying low and capable of seeing the communications fires on one of the vehicles and kills the personnel inside. In fact, the pilot even comes back for the second time and fires again. The communication theory states one doesn't fire on friendly forces or on your own kind and yet it happens in communications theory. The chairman of the United States joint chief of staff in communications recognizes the possibility of the British story and yet states we are in a state of war. Communications theory allows one to die in silence and in this case, I wonder did they who die really cause 100% of their suffering. Communications theory may explain free choice and responsibility but is its purpose to convict us when it's someone else's responsibility and free choice. I will not comment to you about protecting your own child as instinct as it will upset you a great deal.

      Being in the world isn't about the resistance of change as Nietzsche argues the importance of [a] doing or he calls it giving, and [b] saying yes. If there's change and there's creating there's movement and at best, resistance is a slow movement. Drop in the idea of patience instead of resistance and see the fun. It's not a difference of attitude as this is communication theory and it's one of care and concern in flesh and blood in body in Being in the world. Unless you are Chinese and speak Mandarin, and are part of the long march of Chairman Mao, don't mention to me Confucius.

      Communication theory wants to extend the quantity of life as one is no longer [a] Being productive with labor power, [b] one can be productive in consumption of medical care, [c] personal assistance, [d] health and beauty aids, [e] and in estate planning, [f] and tourism, and [g] religion, ethics, and theology. In fact, communication theory in the United States enables us not to focus on [a] 25,000 people die each year in automobiles, [b] the number who die of mal nutrition, [c] overweight and on and on. Five million people die each year in the United States and we accept this as okay. Five people die in a jeep in Iraq and we want to drop an Atom Bomb on Iraq. I'm not sure the desire to survive reduces the quality of life, and yet I'm sure [a] democracy, and [b] capitalism doesn't really improve the quality of life for the majority of the people. Consciousness and reason are like pouring rat poison into the flesh and blood in the body of Being in the world. If God is what's helping the self and other communicate, I as the in its there-alone and the other as its there-alone can face no creating change and no implementation of potential, projecting possibilities and the idea of freedom of choice and individual responsibility is just an absurd or nihilistic expression of the evils of capitalism and democracy.

      Copyright March 31, 2003 by Richard Radandt at richradandt@... page one of one.

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