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Fwd: Re: [Sartre] Re: Nietzsche and "Yes"

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  • Josh@orangeboxman.com
    Ok, then... consumerism is a bit of a misnomer. Consumer actually means buyer or at least acquirer . Consuming that which is acquired, though seems to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
      Ok, then... consumerism is a bit of a misnomer.

      "Consumer" actually means "buyer" or at least
      "acquirer". Consuming that which is acquired, though
      seems to be encouraged. That's one reason that products
      have planned obsolescence built in.
      Certainly consuming goods that have little other
      function, such as tobacco, would not be the best
      example of consumerism, because the goods are of
      a limited utility by their very nature.
      I suggest that, because consumer culture encourages
      waste, patterns of consumption that produce waste
      are the better examples of consumerism; if you throw
      out your Pepsi because it has passed its freshness
      date (remember when they tried to get us to do that?)
      you'll buy more Pepsi. The point of "consuming" it is
      neither to drink it nor save it, but simply to buy it.
      Moreover, consumerism is exemplified not by a tendency to
      use things up (although that helps) or to accumulate things
      (which is an implied goal, but counterintuitively counter-
      consumerism) but by the tendency to acquire things at a rate
      that exceeds their normal utility attrition rate;
      TO REPLACE WHAT WE WASTE (and to waste in order to replace).

      "Give me convenience or give me death!"
      -the Dead Kennedys

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      >What are you trying to say here?
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      >>We'll, I, for one, am glad that we got that straight. I
      like to have stuff
      >>myself. I wonder what Sartre would say about that. Do
      you think Sartre
      >>had stuff, or did he consume his stuff, or at least some
      of his stuff? He
      >>certainly liked to consume tobacco, coffee, and, I hear,
      wine and
      >>amphetamines. Did that make him a consumer if not a
      consumerist? Maybe he
      >>was a consumer of some things, like bread, and a
      consumerist of other
      >>things, like books and mental stimulants, for he was a
      voracious reader
      >>speed freak.
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      >> I must concur.
      >> Consumerism is not about possessing.
      >> It's about consuming.
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      >> >Hi, I have a point to make on this subject. I think
      >> when you
      >> >say "yes" to consumerism you are saying "yes" to
      >> consumerism, and not
      >> >to having stuff.
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