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And the Fag Replied to Richard Radanth :)

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  • Rogelio Braga
    Dearest Richard Radanth, I tried to bring your letter on my way home so that I’ll have something to nibble while caught in a usual three-hour heavy traffic.
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 26, 2002
      Dearest Richard Radanth,

      I tried to bring your letter on my way home so that I�ll have something to nibble while caught in a usual three-hour heavy traffic. Aboard in a dilapidated, hotter-than-hell Japanese surplus aircon bus, a devil whispered to me that oh you are quite admirable than Ben Affleck and the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. Minus the beauty queens clich� answers, what a wonderful experience reading your letter Richard while cursing Manila�s traffic, dust, black smoke while EMINEM sings his problems with his mother (for budhha�s sake can somebody hand him I.E. Richard�s essays on irony!). I have some reactions to your letter, Kowalski dear.

      You are paradoxical in your arguments, but you are blatantly inconsistent with your politics. Your wisdom ceases when your politics begins. Why do you hated Palestinians so much that you argue that they don�t have a place in this world. Palestinians� miserable existence makes this world go round, and it justifies your existence? (�I will argue I support Nietzsche in the desire to say yes to taking risk and jumping off a cliff and getting out of the paradigm of respect, trust, theology, and ethics in life and one is always and not yet saying yes to life by Being in the world and Being in the there as the in its there-alone. This is how I can say yes to Yassar Arafat and statehood to the Palestinians and no to Sharon and George Bush and their policy on Palestine.�)

      I will marry you for your cynicism but I will divorce you eventually on labor power thing. Isn�t it labor power a commodity, that one that workers sell in order to get something in return? Once you sell it, it will eventually be a capital and will cease to be your property. Your labor power will already be a part of the production, they call it, I think, labor input. So why the banter on Sharon if he�s acting in behalf of his country? You are right, for Sartre, this is a study of the absurd of nothingness in existence. But you are wrong, not all the people of Israel voted for Sharon, because they are democracy, and in election time there is the paradox of participation among voters in their votes. Again dearest, you�re wrong, how can you stand explaining a paradox by a paradox? This will not lead to knowledge, but chaos. But at least, you exist.

      Richard dear, I buy Nike and eat McDonald�s because I always hear on MTV, �Ain�t no shame if you�re ahead of the game.� At least in McDonald�s and Nike I can say I am in equal with my former colonizer and with Afro-Americans who parade their Benz and Vuitton on their videos. (Accumulation of wealth and consumer consumption, they go together in drafting marketing strategies, see AVON.) But do they satisfy my Being of my feelings, affection, actions, and projecting possibilities of the freedom of choice? I think so, and you are right. But you are wrong, as Filipino teenager, I lost my Being of feelings, affection, actions, and projecting possibilities of the freedom choice even before I was born. Maybe it�s somewhere in my past or future, or in one of the corners of White House. I don�t know. They, the people inside tv say yes to their existence, but how about me, can I say yes to my beautiful existence? I think so. But what is that existence?

      Hey, I admire your complexity and your Joycean exposition; it made Manila traffic more bearable. At least, I exist.

      With a smile,

      Rogelio Braga


      Hey, would you go in bed with me? Definitely, I would love to know more about Jung, Rogers, and Packard�s garbage and dirt. And my answer is (d), it would be a waste of time re-reading Das Capital. In a Third World Country, Richard, teenagers work in McDonald�s to pay their tuition fees, and at night, they are sex workers. So, Toltoy�s War and Peace should go first in line than Marx Das Capital.

      "May mga pangungusap na hindi mauudlot ng di-pag-imik;Hindi makayayanig ang hindi mo pagsambit ng nais kong marinig." -Rebecca T. A�onuevo

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