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Re: Fwd: [Sartre] non beings

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  • ncandau82 <ncandau@hotmail.com>
    You are definitely on to something there. If you ever read No Exit, one of Sartre s play s, each of the characters can still hear what s going on back up on
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 20, 2002
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      You are definitely on to something there. If you ever read No Exit,
      one of Sartre's play's, each of the characters can still hear what's
      going on back up on Earth, until they are forgotten about....

      -- In Sartre@yahoogroups.com, <Josh@o...> wrote:
      > Just a thought...
      > If we re-classify the non-being as an alternate form
      > of being when it has been imagined/understood/etc.,
      > then I suppose that it's alternate being is contingent
      > upon previous or current mental presence.
      > If this is true, then for something to be a non-being,
      > it would have both to not exist, and to not be thought of.
      > One example might be a plague that hasn't evolved yet
      > and hasn't infected anyone; it neither exists (now) nor
      > has it been (specifically) thought of.
      > Paradoxically, while this category of diseases certainly
      > has mental presence, the specific diseases in it DO NOT.
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      > >Subject: [Sartre] non  beings
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      > >Hello all,
      > >
      > >Just a quick question concerning the neccessity of non
      > beings. It is
      > >my understanding that Sartre considers thoughts or
      > conceptions of
      > >the future as part of his non-beings. Is this correct?
      > teurtheremore,
      > >if "unextended objects" were to be instead classified as
      > beings of a
      > >different sort, not non beings... what would non beings be?
      > >
      > >Also, is it correct to say that every being has at least
      > one non
      > >being counter part?
      > >
      > >e.g. If a door is open, it's non being counterparts would
      > be all
      > >stages of being shut that it is not.
      > >
      > >ttyl
      > >
      > >Nick
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