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      << How has Sartre influenced the 20th century? >>

      Well, I'm not sure what sort of answer you anticipate. Do you mean 20th
      century academic thought, popular culture, literature or language? I can
      make some brief remarks, though.
      Sartre probably influenced a lot of people's lives at a personal level,
      by the sixties he was an enormously popular writer. He is probably
      responsible for the assimilation of the term 'existentialism' into common
      parlance, newspapers etc. His philosophy has had an enormous effect on both
      the psychodynamic and humanistic movements in psychotherapy. His notion of
      politically engaged writing and his active political commitment inspired a
      lot of students and academics to see their studies in a more constructive
      light. His influence is obviously much greater in France than in Britain or
      He shook up the Marxists and Freudians and forced them to rethink a lot
      of their thought -Lacan couldn't have revolutionised psychoanalysis without
      drawing on Sartre's thought. Indeed, Sartre's impact on phenomenology,
      Marxism and psychoanalysis is very profound; and these could be said to be
      three of the most influential 'movements' in the twentieth century.

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