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Being is the ontological and the existence of the in its there-alone as the revolutionary

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  • Richard Radandt
    I m not discussing what part of speech Being is. I m talking about the existence and the ontology of Being in the world. In this case, Being is in capital
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
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      I'm not discussing what part of speech Being is. I'm talking about the existence and the ontology of Being in the world. In this case, Being is in capital letters as I'm aware I'm a Being and not an instrumental scientific lab experiment. To do other wise is always and not yet an apology for capitalism and its right to exploit the wealth of the worker of his labor power and let us believe the reification of institutions are more important than Being. If I want to live in the existence of the primordial to create in a sense of freedom, my possibilities keep being in the capital case. It's worth the fuss as it reduces my anxiety and my sense of overwhelming oppression.

      I'm not questioning your existential and what I'm doing is questioning your acceptance of all of the reifications and deifications emanating out of the capitalist class and its institutions. Now I agree this is your free right. It's hard to communicate with a person who's so deep into the use of reifications and deifications. I'm in an overwhelming situation of fragility and dread in trying to see what you are seeing and with my facticity and experience I'm in the possibility of losing it. Your expression isn't private as they are always and not yet open. You are visible to the world if you want to be or not. If I parrot Karl Marx, and I don't grasp his reifications and deification, then I'm un authentic. I believe I'm quite a critic of Marx. If you can help me be more of a critic of Marx, then please do it. I realize if I use Marx or you I own it. Heidegger is for sure responsible for stealing the authentic and the un authentic from Hegel and Kant.

      Abandonment isn't only a theme of the existential existence it's also a major horizon of the Being. The idea of the in its there-alone! This is the idea of the alienation of labor power into wealth instead of human survival, hedonism, and the free choice of possibilities of enjoying the time between life and death. It's the capitalist reifications of theology and ethics and their deifications of us. It's the turning of us into products of the organic and the inorganic of animal, vegetable, and mineral to serve the Arial Sharon's of the world to practice genocide and omnicide.

      Time is far more interesting so write to me about time. Write to me about the factors, which are beyond experience. Tell me what's distant reality? I'm tired about the subject of Arial Sharon as Yasser Arafat and the Palestine's are now winning. Joe, I'm not insulting you and if you believe, what you believe so be it.

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