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Being more authentic for Decker and the in its there-alone

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  • Richard Radandt
    Joe, the discussion is one about the authentic and the un authentic according to Heidegger. It s not about the inauthentic. You are once again playing a game
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
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      Joe, the discussion is one about the authentic and the un authentic according to Heidegger. It's not about the inauthentic. You are once again playing a game of opposites in some sort of inclusion and this just can't be. Hegel might accept this and Descartes might accept this but to live in the freedom of choice of one's possibility it's not acceptable. I'm Being in the world and I'm open and I do disclose and this is a function of my anxiety and it's how I'm overwhelming and fragile in my the in its there-alone. This is my facticity. I'm responsible for it and I live in the freedom of it and with it. There's no duality of this is my primordial existence or in my creating existence. I can't deny freedom or responsibility and this sense I can't be un authentic.

      When I see reports from German, French, British, Chinese and USA television showing Arial Sharon's [a] tanks, [b] bulldozers, and [c] missile rockets killing people who are Palestine's this is omnicide and genocide. This is an authentic response. I own this response. I own Arial Sharon's mistakes. To not articulating, what Sharon is doing is to approve of his actions and I don't. I'm at a loss of words how others can approve of Sharon's lack of responsibility for the existence of Being in the world. To state Sharon is authentic is to believe in the exploitation of the other. The ability to move from the rumors, the gossip, and the idle chatter of the they who believe in Sharon to the unique individual who practices in their possibilities of the freedom and existence of freedom is very different from what Sharon is advocating. Sharon is doing far more than a Karl Jung denial. Sharon is very open in his disclosures of omnicide and genocide and he sits there as a bully and states what are you going to do about it. The free world is doing nothing. Thus if we state the authentic is one who [a] exposes, [b] admits, [c] open, [d] truth, and [e] discloses, Sharon is authentic. His inability to help the Palestians and the people in Israel create peace as a possibility rendering him un authentic and not in authentic.

      Each of us owns a potential, at the same time, I need to deal with my facticity and in this relation, and my potential does face some qualitative complications always and not yet enabling you to create possibilities that aren't my possibilities. A young man steals a television and hits a cop in the process. He's now serving 20 years in prison for this instance. Now it's possible in the future, he might become a greater philosopher than Heidegger might. I would put the cop in prison, as I believe no sane person would be a cop. I would also argue the 20 years of punishment is cruel and inhuman and urge the judge in the case to resign and give up his United States Citizenship. I'm willing to judge Arial Sharon on what he's and for a crime of genocide and omnicide, I would argue 20 years in prison is the minimum I would give Sharon. I would argue in prison Sharon might do less omnicide and genocide. If Sharon lives in self-deception or in the non-truth, still doesn't deal with the actual issue of omnicide and genocide. It seems to me you are plea-bargaining for him to a lesser offense. Sharon is trying to act as the judge and jury for Palestine and in the same authentic sense I'm responsible in my free creating responsibility to honor in the same ways as judge and jury as I'm responsible for Sharon.

      I believe you are adequate in your potential to judge the authentic and the un authentic once I can expose for you the false reasoning of Hegel, and Descartes you always and not yet want to use might see a different light. Hell in my neighborhood, the nine houses surrounding mine all supports Sharon and none support Yasser Arafat. Even the birds in my back yard, the rats in my garden and the cats coming to eat all support Sharon. Even the people I give money to in their pan handling, all support Sharon. None of them of course wants to consider what [a] bulldozer, [b] a tank, or [c] a missile rocket might do to their house and backyard, as it's not on television.

      The authentic is the revolutionary and not the one who fights to support a theology and an ethic denying the other their freedom to create their possibilities of existence between life and death. It's the ability to use your labor power not to support its alienation into wealth for the capitalist class to exploit and suppress the use of free labor power for play and hedonism and to deny our survival and for to consider possibilities. Don't let Sharon set you up to fail in order for him to practice genocide and omnicide.

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