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Re: [Sartre] Camus and Sartre on Surprise or a response to Peter hellers' liking the absurd

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    why the copyright should everyone with an opinion do this it seems a bit pretentious to me or do u consider yourself to be a doctor in the subject ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2002
      why the copyright should everyone with an opinion do this it seems a bit
      pretentious to me or do u consider yourself to be a doctor in the subject

      >From: "Richard Radandt" <richradandt@...>
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      >Subject: [Sartre] Camus and Sartre on Surprise or a response to Peter
      >hellers' liking the absurd
      >Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 19:23:39 -0800
      >Dear Camus, Sartre, and Heidegger readers,
      >This is in response to some concepts Peter Heller is using in discovering
      >Albert Camus and Sartre. He's taking an intentional and intuition approach
      >of the Catholic theology he discovers in Camus and I'm suggesting using
      >Sartre and Heidegger the catholic theology is wrong. please give us your
      >In the face of omnicide and genocide, there's the less of the two evils. In
      >this circumstance, coming from my observation through experience and my
      >perception Sharon in relation to the Palestine freedom fighters is the
      >murder. Both have shed enough blood for a trial in the world court in The
      >Hague of the Netherlands. I don't believe Kierkegaard, Camus, Genet,
      >Heidegger, or Sartre would disagree. In fact, I would add they might accuse
      >me of Being too kind to Sharon. Our position on this policy is relevant, as
      >we must live in the same world as they do or elect to die. This isn't a
      >case of hopelessness. The United States in Washington is sitting on their
      >butts and doing very little creative and constructive actions. They are the
      >hopelessness and not we. How is it georgie and his group get to own an
      >Easter vacation instead of working 24 hours a day getting the job done?
      >Never has a Federal government official of the United States died from
      >overwork. We aren't hopeless we just face the circumstances of exploitation
      >and suppression of and by the Republican Party and its leadership. When
      >will georgie prosecute Kenneth Lay and see he spends the rest of Easters in
      >Prison at hard labor.
      >One can't state Meursault own a conscience. In fact, Camus and Sartre both
      >disagree there's such a thing. Catholic's for some strange reason believe
      >Meursault does own a conscience, but the rest of us who aren't catholic and
      >live in Being in the world without the need of a God, theology, or religion
      >state there's no conscience. By the way this is over two billion people. No
      >Being is empty of hope and if they are they commit suicide. This is one of
      >our freedoms of choice. Camus and Meursault are in no way advocating
      >suicide and they aren't against people doing it. Yes Camus is relevant.
      >However, even Camus will tell you there are thousands of other people who
      >own more answers than he does. That you and I must not take him as always
      >and not yet the sole or even the best source of existence.
      >In studying Kafka, one is going to gain a different insight. Discovering
      >one's body with out the garbage of theology one becomes aware of a certain
      >annoyance and a certain pleasure one can't with the theology of
      >Catholicism. Neither can one with Sharon, or georgie. In freedom and in
      >awareness of Being in the world one is never un-surprised. The reason is we
      >are creating and acting out our projecting, potential possibilities as
      >Heidegger suggests. I live in the immediate experience of my body and Being
      >in the world. The problem is one of bad-faith as Sartre suggests of denying
      >the results or the consequences of one acting out one's freedom of choice.
      >I'm not about to defend a Christian man or woman, however I don't think
      >they own or lack either surprise or un-surprise. To make that statement is
      >elitist and racist. Camus would not agree we should do that. I'm not
      >stating you are. We are all capable of surprising, awing, overwhelming
      >wondering, astonishing, anticipating, expecting, unexpecting, amazing,
      >confusing, and bewildering. This isn't helplessness, or hopelessness and
      >this is the freedom to make a choice and to be creative in projecting,
      >potential possibilities of Being in the world. This is the denial of the
      >intentional and intuition as taught by the Catholic theology and neither
      >Camus nor Sartre support it.
      >Copyright April 2002 by Richard Radandt richradandt@... page one
      >of two
      >Yes we enjoy surprise every split second our lives. Surprise is Being in
      >the world and it's not a delusion or an illusion and it's only just
      >existence. It's the in itself-alone. The absurd man is always and not yet
      >facing his own surprise and it's not delusion or illusion. If you have a
      >friend who is absurd and one who's into theology, and republican politics,
      >take the friend who's absurd. Look at the friends Sartre and Camus choose
      >and they are all absurd. It's not a question between the divine and the
      >human. It's a question of Being in the world and facing our death. Since
      >you and I each both die there's no divine. Don't concern yourself or others
      >with the fundamental question of philosophy. Just have a good time and give
      >some service to an absurd person who in exchange will love you. This is
      >what Kafka is stating and tried to live. It's Sartre as his best. It's what
      >Camus does and did. The absurd is the freedom and creating energy of Being,
      >existence and our acceptance of death. It allows us to give up the empty
      >concepts of intention and intuition of Descartes and the Catholic
      >philosophy and theology and enjoy our freedom and creating energy as Being
      >in the world without God and theology. It's our gift to us.
      >Copyright April 2002 by Richard Radandt richradandt@...
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