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Re: [Sartre] Grounding the Real World to Philosophy

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  • Christopher Bobo
    Well said Joe. Philosophy is more like poetry and literature than science or technology. Philosophy is a mental undertaking that seeks to improve the
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      Well said Joe. Philosophy is more like poetry and literature than science or technology. Philosophy is a mental undertaking that seeks to improve the individual from within by informing the attitude and conditioning the mind to greater complexities. It is not here to tell you rather to leave a 15% or a 30% tip for the waitress at the restaurant or how to make a better mouse trap, although the affect of philosophy might be to make you less concerned about money and more tolerant of mice.

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      Subject: [Sartre] Grounding the Real World to Philosophy

      A dyad always shows up; philosophy vrs the real world, theory vrs
      application, ideas vrs practice, abstractions vrs the concrete, the
      spiritual vrs the physical; so on and so on. There has always been a
      sort of put-down on philosophical rambling; too ethereal, too
      analytical or speculative.

      I think the point is well taken that after all the ideas, it might
      be good to come up with how it all relates to everyday life, to
      relationship with others and so forth. However, much of the
      reflection I do is in a struggle to simply understand the complexity
      of certain points. So, the real value is appraised in terms of
      personal growth. There is not really a quick way to objectify them
      for the satisfaction of a impatient pragmatist in my midst who is
      looking for a real world demonstration to validate ideas seemingly
      held in bondage to excessive reflection. This is afteral, a
      discussion group where idea and words reign supreme. 99% of what we
      say will be forgotten by tomorrow, never finding a direct application.

      For me, the value of this group is to simply refine ideas and to
      establish a sense of personal clarity and eloquence; many ideas are
      difficult and not easily expressed. With the help of others, friction
      of minds, it helps to move forward.

      Meanwhile, I do search my own situation for practical application.

      However, some abstraction are simply valued in the awarness one gains
      in understanding a deeper aspect of the human condition. I often
      improve my own level of awarness without being able to flesh it out in
      any direct or tangible result, which the pragmatist seems to expect.
      I see this especially true on subjects like freedom, meaning and
      being. The value is personal, psychological and subjective. The
      value is in the enhansement and transformation of one's vision.

      To change within is just as valid as changing the external world.
      That which is going on within a person's consciousness is just a
      valuable as everything going on around them (which by the way is a lot
      of crap.


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