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  • artsgina
    i dont know miha ... the feeble statement that shows little thinking was in direct proportion and by way of reply to your statement about procreation
    Message 1 of 27 , Jan 30, 2002
      i dont know miha ... the feeble statement that shows little thinking was in
      direct proportion and by way of reply to your statement about procreation
      <<< although no one pointed to the original feeble thang, but now that you
      draw my attention to it .... i see

      if we missed the point it seems a very long winded exchange of emails for
      you to finally conclude this >>>> ... and here i speak for myself ... i was
      always talking about the individual .... not once did you clarify the
      collective .... twould be nice if our discourse has led you along your path
      of thinking to a newly discovered aspect you had not yet thought out ?

      animals do yes ... but again what distuinghes us (although i begin to doubt
      this theory of late) is our capacity for thought <<< rationale, logic,
      creativity ...... choice ... i have already accepted that YOUR thinking
      allows you a certain viewpoint ... i have also accepted that your threshold
      for thinking might not be as high as others <<< and that is fine ... i can
      see how the collective would now be of interest to you.

      miha ... there was a point to this email of yours ? again i might be
      missing something <<< Gina

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      Hello gina

      After reading heinrich's comments I was sad to see,
      that you both completely missed the point. I was not
      talking of individuals as such, but of our instincts
      as a collective thing, since we all have basically the
      same feeling (or instincts) we just react to them
      differently, which does not mean that they are
      something. We are just products of evolution,
      constantly seeking options to procreate... "Some
      lovers choose not to have children" is a really feeble
      statement which proves have little thinking he put
      into this...
      And as far as human thinking is cencerned, it has been
      proven that animals also have some primitive (or
      advanced who knows) way of thinking...

      But nevermind, let's all live happily ever after...


      --- artsgina <artsgina@...> wrote:
      > heindrich wrote : >>> we're not only able to
      > rationalize our actions
      > but also that human feelings - because of our
      > intellect - is more than just
      > instincts. It characterizes human beings that love,
      > for instance, is *not
      > just* a biological way of reproducing genes. Some
      > lovers decide not to have
      > <<<<
      > >>>>>>>>> thank you heindrich ... exactly so
      > you put it so much more profoundly than i was able
      > to (i cant think when my
      > feelings get in the way <<< smile >>>>)
      > following that thought through .... we are able to,
      > and do, justify and
      > rationalise the profits of war .... we have come
      > full circle ?
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