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RE: [Sartre] Stay on target!! <<< ITS A MOVING TARGET !!!

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  • artsgina
    yes its all connected
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2002
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      yes its all connected <<<< although i thought tommy was alluding
      specifically to the einstein thing ..... which although could be 'connected'
      (with some creative & clever thinking) it was highly tenuous, out of left
      field and silk never commented on the time bomb she threw in .... it was
      more like a lit fuse; cannon ball, thrown into the middle and lets see what
      happens <<<<

      YES if one's interests lie in contemporary political situations and one is
      BEING, thinking, seeing <<< its appropriate ..... the fact that we dont all
      think the same or have different interests <<< whoohooo ... that is the
      whole point isnt it ? to expand thinking - not to find those that agree
      with self and sit back all stuffed, self satisfied and happy.

      <<< Gina
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