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RE: [Sartre] Part 2: B's Aim of Improving Standards: 'Voices' in My Head, Maybe?

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  • artsgina
    and okay
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 23, 2002
      and okay <<< AAARGH <<< ANOTHER group ??? but the same group ??? ummm i have
      never heard of the other one <<< no wonder i feel like i am out of the loop
      <<< Lol ... oh well >>> like that is new ? lolol

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      Subject: [Sartre] Part 2: B's Aim of Improving Standards: 'Voices' in My
      Head, Maybe?

      Bobo's Philosophical Aim Of Improving Standards:
      Voices in My Head, Maybe?

      Part Two

      Now in regard to the aforementioned academics, I ask
      them why not put your erudition to some constructive
      use here, perhaps by offering us some remedial
      propositions, instead of letting your gifted brains go
      to such waste, that is, instead of burying your wisdom
      in more self-defeating, impractical thinking. You may
      recall that I, at least, offered some internal
      recommendations for improving our domestic
      circumstances -- very much in the Socratic form I
      shall add, as they were much in harmony with that
      ancient Greek philosopher's notion that the best
      interest of the State is served by cultivating and
      supporting the wise. Bobo, however, as usual, ignored
      these positions of affecting change, preferring to
      blame the 3rd World. Here, I'm in agreement with
      Forest and, as such, shall merely reiterate some of
      his wise words: "pointing a finger at corrupt 3rd
      World politicians is futile when the present
      state-capitalistic regime has exacerbated the
      desperate circumstances of 3rd World economies."

      But since Bobo has stated, "It is easy to ask
      questions, its much harder to explain facts
      critically," and to whom SWMirsky has seconded with
      the question: "On what basis (is socialism superior to
      capitalism)?", I shall hereby risk personal ridicule
      and offer my own situation as a working example. For
      the way I see it, though it may be easier to SUBVERT
      or philosophically DECONSTRUCT what is actual and
      real, to examine what is actual and real critically,
      and to remain faithful to it, is much more rewarding.
      Be this as it may, since I have nothing to lose and
      all to gain, I shall now continue my earlier attempts
      to examine the real and actual critically. And by
      golly, again, I have to hand it to Gina for saying
      "its all gist to the mill."

      Firstly, then, allow me to return to one of my
      original key questions which Bobo, on both lists, has
      avoided entirely: "So what then should happen if a
      'has-not' refuses to surrender his potential services
      to a 'have', that is, for e.g., his religious beliefs
      would not allow his person to fit into the present
      program? How is such a person to sustain himself?"

      I have stated the above questions twice now, as I
      would really appreciate some decent feedback on this
      issue, mainly because it is not an exclusively far
      away, remote thing (as in, say, limited to
      Middle-Eastern circumstance), but is also something
      that is very much at stake right here and now at home,
      touching not only my own personal situation, but,
      who's to say, how many other of our neighbors.

      Take, for instance, my own resulting experience in
      pursuing a personal existential quest over the last
      ten years. In so doing, I have voluntarily rid myself
      of a 'successful' small business, walked away from a
      lucrative advertising career, only to find myself now,
      after a lengthy Bohemian decade of spiritual
      wandering, on the welfare line, being slowly coerced
      to re-enter the 'labor force', as, according to my
      social worker, I'd "be receiving a much higher income
      just working at Macdonald's." Prior to welfare I was
      making a living off the street, selling my poetry, but
      the authorities told me I could not continue selling
      my work without a permit, and that I would have to
      move away my VW bus, which, at the time, was my home.
      As I am not capable of surviving harsh Canadian
      winters on the street, and living in a van is
      virtually impossible with the city's increasingly
      prohibitive parking regulations, I was forced to rent
      a room. Now, as selling poetry on the street is not
      only illegal but also will never come close to paying
      a landlord $325 monthly, welfare has since picked up
      my tab. Just to let you know facts, though: welfare
      issues me $525/mth (about 350 U.S.) and this is to
      cover food and shelter. I'm not complaining about the
      money. I even made that clear to my social worker,
      that is, after mentioning that flipping hamburgers for
      a living doesn't exactly agree with my philosophy, I
      told her I'm really not interested in receiving more
      money, that I'm pretty much satisfied with my current
      income and the minimalist lifestyle it inspires. In
      fact, I think it is actually more healthy to both
      myself and the environment (here I was thinking of my
      old self-indulgent yuppie self of the '80s). To this
      she answered, "Fine, then, keep your lifestyle but not
      at our expense!" "That's exactly why I'm in your
      office," I retorted, "to see how I may fit in with the
      program and become self-sufficient. But it doesn't
      seem I'm having much luck out there. I mean, everyday
      I step out of my room and all I see are stores. I go
      into these stores and no-one seems to be interested in
      me." Here she clearly stated that going into stores
      was not looking for work, and, then, she made me an
      appointment -- tomorrow, as a matter of fact -- with a
      non-profit employment agency. Now, I'm sure this
      agency will more than likely find me a job, maybe even
      actually offer me a chance to flip those hamburgers.
      The only problem being, which I know quite well from
      experience, is that our technological/industrial
      machine is going to try, as best as it can, to cramp
      my style. I mean, sooner or later, down the road, some
      fine nice manager is going to impose the idea of me
      flipping twice as many hamburgers as when I started.
      This, he will justify by saying something like more
      hours means more money which means you'll soon be able
      to afford that latest computer system everyone's
      talking about, as well as the niftiest Nintendo games,
      though never mentioning that all of this shall soon
      become obsolete, maybe even before I finish my last
      payment (remember Celine's "Death on the Installment

      Worse still, however, that is, should I actually end
      up flipping hamburgers, is that I no longer will be
      able to write to you all. Not the way I currently do,
      anyway. And I must tell you that I was growing quite
      fond of this. Indeed, this writing habit I've
      developed has so consumed my existence that I will do
      almost anything to avoid that capitalistic regime that
      awaits me, anything short of terrorism that is, as I
      still value more than anything the sacredness of human
      life, nay, I must add I value the sacredness of all
      life period -- which is another reason why working at
      Mcdonald's will be very upsetting to me.

      But the day is not yet over and I say there is still
      time for us to unite. Perhaps I may work my way out of
      this somehow, so as to continue my correspondence. No
      doubt, I'd love to carry on discussing 'feelings' with
      the likes of Gina and Miha, or share my perspectives
      on pornography and erotica aside June Vasilis', or
      just to add fuel to the fire by piquing the fancy of
      another intellectual with a new and original angle or
      response -- even, if ever so often this means sending
      more cryptic notices to a moderator, that is, to keep
      him on his toes, if we may; all, of course, to
      maintain our conducive breeding ground, and the
      amazing seminal outflow of creativity we seem to be
      spawning here.

      Unfortunately, though, the way things are going it
      doesn't seem very likely that my wish will come true.
      It seems inevitable that I will lose much of the time
      that I currently devote to the concerns here. I must
      have thought of every possible recourse I may take to
      continue as I have. Believe me, it's been quite a long
      haul to even get this far, and I hate to see it, and
      my identity -- and maybe even all our identities in
      the very near future, for that matter -- become
      totally subsumed under those prevailing 'powers that

      Again, though, I see no solution to the dilemma. The
      seemingly only effective option is to follow through
      on what some of my friends and acquaintances have done
      in the same situation. What they did was submit
      themselves to psychoanalysis, admitting to, or even
      sometimes fabricating, various dementias in order that
      they may be diagnosed with a mental illness, like
      schizophrenia for example. This qualified each of them
      for a permanent disability income, something which
      here in Ontario is good for just under a G-note (aprx
      $700 U.S) per month. In fact, I know of one such
      recipient, a conspiracy theorist, who currently
      operates an elaborate socio-political-religious
      website from his home. Now, aside from the fact that I
      am perhaps a little jealous of the fact that he is
      hooked online, worldwide, from the comfort of his
      home, while I have to line up everyday at the library
      to gain my limited internet access, the point I am
      making, and the reason why I am not yet prepared to go
      this route, is that I feel that there's something
      insanely wrong and immoral with a society that fosters
      such a situation, that is to say, such a situation
      where for any free-thinking individual seeking wisdom,
      like myself, for instance, it is advantageous for him
      to claim, and to act like, he is 'sick' -- even if in
      his very own inmost being, that is, in his heart of
      hearts, he knows very well this is not true -- and, as
      such, be guaranteed the necessities of life, than it
      would be for him to be honest, claiming, instead, that
      he's a healthy citizen of the Earth, working not only
      for one's own self-realization, but also for the
      self-realization of the State.

      I ask you all now, do I make any sense here, or are
      these thoughts just 'voices' in my head?

      For the liberation, freedom
      and survival of all of us, the people,


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