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RE: [Sartre] Burst out laughing.......

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  • artsgina
    yes absolutely
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 11, 2002
      yes absolutely <<< heindreich .... truth to self first <<< KNOW self and
      know truth << THEN it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks <<< or thinks
      they know <<< and whoohoooo you might meet kindred thinker <<< wow <<<
      imagine !

      oh but an absolute ??? i dont think so <<<< truth is mutable <<< as are we

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      You yourself must believe that your point is an absolute truth!Otherwise
      noone can understand what your point is....

      You can't escape absolute truth!

      - Soren E

      >From: miha zupan <djomba01@...>
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      >you must understand something very simple my
      >philosophical friends:
      >whatever is your opinion, whatever you think, it
      >doesn't matter
      >we will never know the absolute truth because there
      >probably is no such thing
      >nietsche (I know I've spelled it wrong) asked himself:
      >what if philosophy is a woman?
      >and came to the conclusion that philosophers are
      >probably going at it the wrong way, being unable to
      >seduce the "woman" with their own awkwardness
      >viva la revolucion/mike
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