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Time Cube and my response

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  • binarydarkfall
    *Note: This is a response I did to a portion of the time cube quote (shown after my response), and I used it as an article summery assignment report for
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      *Note: This is a response I did to a portion of the time cube quote
      (shown after my response), and I used it as an article summery
      assignment report for sociology.

      Response and Analysis of "Time Cube" Selection
      By Philip Speirs

      This may not grab you as relative to sociology at first; but within
      the article it becomes obvious as even terms we have learned pop up.
      I really liked this article because it is a shocker to generic
      thinking. In fact it even seemed like gibberish, or some joke to me
      at first until I read it over. When I did I realized some very
      interesting points reiterated in the book if you take the time to
      divulge within it. First of all, intelligence is not necessarily
      hereditary but social cultural conditioning. Hereditary traits are
      merely a limiting potential to intelligence, of which many of us do
      not take advantage. An example that can be related to the text is
      feral children and how they seem really stupid. Yet when Isabel was
      given proper education and socialization she rose to a normal
      intelligence level.

      In general this article/thesis argues nurture over nature,
      sociology/psychology over genetic predisposition. It argues that the
      accepted normal is certainly not always correct, and we can apply to
      sociology the further need for etic observation rather than a biased
      cultural outlook. Furthermore we can apply this to religion. How can
      we assume ours is right? Just because we have been in the
      circumstances to be taught that? I think faith is a fallacious
      abominable concept. It allows ignorance in that we don't question
      2,000 or so of religious zealots. Not to mention it is unfair in that
      the more you think the less likely you are to believe, so it promotes
      ignorance. Religion should be experienced and well thought out, not a
      word concept we can't even relate to.

      "Stupidity is taught.
      Children are taught evil."

      This fatalist outlook brings to light determinism within sociology;
      or rather as I suspected and the reason I wanted to take this course,
      sociology attests and affirms determinism. We are not necessarily
      born with an evil soul as you may like to believe being influenced by
      movies such as the exorcism and our the teachings of own Faith, but
      we are taught to act this way by our unique process of socialization.

      I can only speak so much without disapproving looks and comments, as
      well as contrasting what we are taught religiously and I know you
      will cling to protect your beliefs but cannot act out because you are
      hypocrites. You protect because you are attached, you dislike
      nonconformity, and you have been linguistically programmed, and will
      go through a process of change in facing the truth so you ignore it.
      I cannot try to propel your inertia any further, it's up to you. And
      why should I care to when you pay me back with ridicule because I try
      to tell you the truth?

      Ok it ends here. Boy am I going to get some feedback in class, lol!
      Below is the selection I took from time cube.

      Selections from "Time Cube" by Gene Ray

      Human Form God Is Impossible.
      Adult God is a Scam upon Children.
      "Worship Of Word As God, Equates To Adults
      Eating Their Children."
      Deuteronomy 28:53-58.
      God Is Unnatural And
      Equates Hate Of Child.

      Adults Do Not Teach By Examples, But By Word Scams That Brainwash
      And Indoctrinate Their Children's Malleable Minds, Destroying Youth.
      Routine Education Corrupts Childhood,
      Forcing Children To Become Adults.


      If you refuse to seek to know Earth's truth of creation, simultaneous
      4 corners of races with each race divided by 4
      generations, then you are indicted evil by your own volition act.


      Stupidity is taught.
      Children are taught evil.


      Bible writers never knew that in the same 24 hours of light, 24 hours
      of darkness, 24 hours of sundown, and 24 hours of sunup, 1 day is

      1 Day is most insidious evil ever invented. 1 rotation of 4 corner
      Earth Time is 4 Days.

      Educators are Liars.

      If God is not measurable, He is Fictitious.

      Without Cubic Creation, Life is Fictitious.



      You have not been taught the Harmonic Cube Power that transcends all
      Gods. You are ignorant of Divine Spirit measure existing in Great
      Pyramid abstract of human personification. Perpetual power of Cubic
      Creation will exist beyond terminal antifamily religion.


      If the 4 racial components of 2 sex pole hemispheres agreed to a
      cubing of the sphere as a spiritual unity, heavenly music of cubed
      sphere could be audible on Earth simultaneously to every human ear,
      not discord, but harmony.

      The simultaneous 4 human races debunks a God for any race.

      Sunup represents Indian Race
      Midday represents White Race
      Sundown represents Asian Race
      Midnight represents Black Race

      Humans fear to know natures simultaneous 4 corner 4 day 4 race 4
      generation harmonic TIMECUBE creation. For it debunks false gods.
      Test Your God. Time Cube Test cannot harm a God of Truth, but will
      destroy fakes. Fake gods refuse test.

      You are stupid and evil about the
      Earth's top and bottom, front and
      back and it's 2 sides. Most everything
      created has these Cube like values.

      No human has a right to believe wrong.
      There is but a single creation principle,
      therefore since we have no single belief,
      all present religions are wrong and evil.

      Racial integration equals "Racial Slop".

      Human word is neither deed nor product,
      but a counterfeit representation of value.
      Humans are worshipers of fictitious word.

      Christianity is subservient to the Jews. The
      Bible is Jewish, Academia and Government
      based upon the Jewish Bible are Jewish.

      Religion absolves adults of their obligation
      to preserve natural resources required for children during their

      Brown University has banned Nature's
      Harmonic Time Cube as "Forbidden
      Truth Knowledge" for they cannot allow
      it to become known to their students.

      Academic institutions are under
      the control of religious zealots.

      No university physicist
      will dare to support the
      4-simultaneous Days in
      Nature's Harmonic Time
      Cube Creation Principle,
      for fear of attack by the
      religious zealots who staff
      and control the academic
      institutions. Time Cube is
      banned 'Forbidden Truth'.

      Gene Ray
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