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Survival in Exile

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  • Philip
    Survival in Exile With the many nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional weapons that nations have developed, war that had used to be limited in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2001
      Survival in Exile

      With the many nuclear, biological, chemical, and conventional weapons
      that nations have developed, war that had used to be limited in
      destruction, now poses a threat to the very survival of the human
      race. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, many people lived day-to-day
      fearing a worldwide discharge of nuclear missiles between the world's
      superpowers. Soviet missiles alone had the potential to destroy the
      United States cities fifty times over. In addition to the initial
      effects of nuclear discharge, so much dust and debris would collect
      in the air, that it would be blanket to the essential heat of the
      sun. Slowly all plant life would dwindle into oblivion, and man would
      run out of food. Meanwhile temperatures would go far below freezing,
      air and water would be contaminated, pests would run wild (i.e. the
      cockroach, which can withstand radioactivity and other more adaptable
      creatures such as ones, which survived dinosaur extermination. From
      all the death, they would flourish off of scavenging remains. They
      like the dark too, ever turn on a light during the night in a
      cockroach-infested area? Its scary, there are thousands running about
      in their dirty ways and in little than ten seconds none are to be
      seen.) The fact is, it would not be pleasant, not to mention everyone
      would be dead anyway from the blasts or slowly developing agonizing
      cancers and mutations (i.e. Hiroshima victims that didn't die
      immediately eventually died of internal burns and mutation).

      All of the nuclear weapons have not been dismantled since then. Still
      a sufficient amount of these weapons are present, if used to blast us
      back into the Stone Age. No longer are these weapons solely in the
      hands of only the two superpowers America and Russia. They now exist
      in highly unstable fragments of post Soviet Union and other
      beligerent countries like India, Iran, and Pakistan. Control of such
      destructive weapons is behind these militant countries whose unsound
      political transfer of powers is now within reach of any crazed
      fundamental demogogue. If the countries are too poor to afford
      nuclear weapons, they most likely have biological or chemical
      weapons. Biological weapons, already dangerous enough, are entering a
      future of bioengineering, which could enhance their deadliness to
      untreatable, quicker evolving, rapid spreading, these fatal weapons
      of mass destruction could threaten whole regional populations.
      In these perilous times of terrorism, the use of such weapons are all
      the more threatening. We have already been shown the collusive tact
      of these irrational executives of terror. These people have been
      cheated out of a soul, brainwashed to see us as madcow infested
      animals that need to be slaughtered by the masses until none remail.
      They don't care who you are, they already know you as the cause of
      every thing they hate. These beasts have already destroyed one of
      America's greatest buildings, threatened the safety of air travel,
      killed countless people and deterred tourism successfully. They are
      cleary evil and misguided, but unfortunately they are not stupid.
      With more attacks upon their lands, they are bound to strike again
      with more vengeance and cruelty than before. Our vice president even
      went into a nuclear fallout shelter because otherwise there is a
      possibility of both key leaders killed. He also mentions that in this
      war against terrorism, there will be more casualties on American soil
      than on the battlefield. I may be over analyzing all this, and I
      admit I could easily be deceived by the media, but it seems as if a
      foreshadowing of disaster, subtle enough not to stir the American
      people into a frenzy but alert them of the grave danger this poses to
      the Civilized World, particularly the United States.

      Besides these dangers to the human kind posed by crazy governments
      and terrorists, there's one danger cause by the so-called civilized
      governments that are industrialized. This has to do with pollution,
      greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, and rising currents. It has been
      predicted by many environmental studies that if we do not change
      soon, a massive flood will occur and the continents will recede into
      the water. It is already happening on some Dutch coasts and others,
      towns have had to be evacuated. There are also many modern day
      visionaries who have been warned that by 2035 such severe melting of
      polar caps will cause a devastating flood that will not only be
      contained to a few places but all over the world.

      The dinosaurs survived for a long period of time, especially
      in comparison to the human. However suddenly they ceased to exist
      from an unknown cause still debated. This shows the fragility of
      life, something that survives so long is just wiped out. One theory
      is that a giant meteor stuck the earth and covered the earth with
      dust, and it became to cold for them to survive. This is a
      possibility all to realist, especially since we saw a meteor miss us
      by so little before. There is no reason to think we are safe from
      this astrological killer. A virus could wipe us out even if it is not
      created by man too. The fact is we are not safe from extinction.

      How to Survive

      The only way to ensure the human race from extinction, as we
      know it, is "not to place all our eggs in one basket." The basket
      representing earth, the eggs representing humanity. If you lose that
      basket you loose all your eggs, if something happens on earth and we
      become extinct, the human race has been lost. To ensure the existence
      of humanity, we need to colonize other terrestrial bodies. Therefore
      if a nuclear war raged tomorrow all would not be lost. Even if humans
      survived but put back into the Stone Age, they would have to go
      through history all over again. If colonies existed on other planets
      or the moon, our history, or knowledge, and are people would be
      ensured to prevail. If terrorists were to spread disease on the
      civilized world and reduce it to an exterminable few. The western
      civilization would be lost. But if one existed on a colony else
      where, our ideas would live on. Eventually resurgence to Earth could
      take place too in time. Even one of the greatest physicist Steven
      Hawkings agrees with me on this point. If humanity wishes to survive,
      we must expand.

      An excellent planet for colonization is Mars. All necessary
      materials could be mined and manufactured on Mars. Break down the
      iron oxide in the soil, and you can get oxygen and iron. Place a
      large dehumidifier to filter out the small percent of water in the
      atmosphere. CO2 => O2 production occurs in plants, while there are
      also machines that separate the elements into Carbon (useful for
      energy) and Oxygen. Sunlight exists for the plants stored in a
      greenhouse. Energy can be derived from solar panels and wind
      generators at first, until alternatives arise. The nuclear power of
      the original landing module could provide back up during dust storms.
      A cell could be used to store excess energy for when it is needed
      also. A certain algae are very useful for it has three uses, breaks
      down excrements and other useless materials into useful ones. In the
      process releases O2 and dried algae is a high-energy food. Aquatic
      species can be raised in the algae medium, supplying more excrement
      for algae to make O2 and food, and also can be raised in little space
      for food. Detected underground by one of the satellite missions,
      using sonar to penetrate deep, there are signs of underground rivers.
      These can be tapped into for more water. In the long run Mars is even
      a candidate for terra forming. The reason mars is cold and sparse is
      due to the fact that the sun that comes in is not trapped
      sufficiently. If you melt the ice caps, perhaps enough gases to
      produce a greater greenhouse effect will occur. Mars does show signs
      of liquid water from its geography. A diagram of the original colony
      is attached.

      Negative Fatima Premonition

      If you are superstitious at all, a remarkably bad omen are the
      secrets of Fatima, a supernatural occurrence in Portugal a while
      back; Lucia and her two young friends were visited over and over,
      first by Gabriel and then by The Virgin Mary. They told others about
      the phenomenon at first and no one would believe them. They began to
      be ridiculed by the superstitious church members, and they begged god
      that he show everyone a sign that they spoke the truth. The first
      time that God said he was to appear, very few people went, but where
      astonished for what they say was not ordinary. After this, the
      children asked that the wonder of god show himself again but to
      everyone, not just the esoteric group that viewed the miracle before.
      Curious people came from all over Portugal to see the event that the
      children were talking about, even those who originally harassed the
      children proclaiming them liars went to see. When they (a few
      thousand) arrived, they were very impatient at first and some even
      started to leave. But the children told them they were fools for not
      having faith and that the miracle has to happen soon, "for The Virgin
      Mary promised". Soon enough the miracle occurred. Everything was
      frozen in the air, as if time stood still. Meanwhile from the heavens
      flashed many different colors the noise of God could be heard by
      almost everyone. Other things occurred too but I do not recall them
      from memory. However all throughout Portugal at least something was
      noticed out of the ordinary. This event witnessed by many gives
      validation to the secrets of Fatima. The children recorded everything
      that God wanted of them, some of which things made the Children sad
      and very disturbed. These things latter told to the pope, caused him
      much anguish and despair. He said he could not reveal it, as it would
      cause mass hysteria upon all people. Latter, some children from
      Chichenitza (I can't remember how to spell it. Its somewhere in
      Slavic Europe I think.) They received messages from God of the same
      kind. In fact the secretive part was exactly the same as in Fatima.
      The children told the priests what they heard and the priests,
      wondering how else children could know so much, affirmed them. It was
      a different pope at that time too. I don't doubt that it has some
      grave significance. What has been released is highly apocryphal and
      is hinted as a nearing Apocalypse. The entire secrets of both even
      have not been released. I learned this story by visiting Portugal,
      and going to Fatima itself. The architecture and buildings are quite
      impressionable, the dedication is amazing. It may just be the story
      that haunted me but the grandness and the site itself was moving in a
      weird way. Especially since my faith was forever altered there after
      a dream I had the night after visiting Fatima. The dream is almost
      unexplainable in words; it was like pure feeling and realization of
      some world adhering to alien laws in which experience was different.
      I can try to describe but probably in vane. It felt like I was so
      intense, so serious, so taken over all at once. It felt like being a
      vibration, like it held that same intense vulnerability in a dream
      when you hear loud noise that is so shocking it seems to penetrate
      your core. And like some dreams you feel like you are expanding to a
      critical point of vulnerability. Where it makes no logical sense and
      you don't know what is making you feel so serious, where trivial
      things become important, and after you don't know how you got so
      emotional over something. In this case though I felt while
      seeing "entities" that moved about my field of perception like
      billiard balls running unrestrained upon a table bouncing back and
      forth, trapped. Many were so intense they scared me; they represented
      a red blur, but so much more than a thing. I woke up scared and still
      saw these entities in my vision, I then panicked and they
      disappeared. I have no idea what it means even thought it meant
      something to me for it was so awkward. Maybe I was worked up over the
      Fatima thing and that was it. To me this has served the purpose of
      validating truth to the Fatima experience.
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