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Re: [Sartre] our own fault

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  • Christopher Bobo
    bootboyesf wrote: i consider myself to be a homosexual This entire way of viewing yourself as being something is contrary to Sartre s view of the person.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2001
      bootboyesf wrote:
      "i consider myself to be a homosexual"
      This entire way of viewing yourself as "being something" is contrary to Sartre's view of the person.  (And we have discussed this before on the list--how modern homosexuals view themselves.)  According to Sartre we are nothing. We do not have any essence, life a homosexual essence, that precedes your individual existence.  According to Sartre, our choices and actions define who and what we are.  If you are having sexual relations with the opposite sex, and you are married to a person of the opposite sex, and you are monogamous, and you are raising children with a person of the opposite sex, then that makes you heterosexual, according to Sartre.  You may be a heterosexual with some homsexual inclinations, but in a Sartrean world, you are what you do. 
      How you view your situation, as Paradise or Perdition, is also up to you.  You create your own world and give meaning to it.  You are responsible for your actions and your choices.  And if Sartre were here, I'm sure he'd tell you not to go around looking for excuses or other people to tell you what to do.  It's your choice, you decide.  And no whinning along the way.
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      this 'new war' is, as sarte once said, our fault.....
      but let me change this boring subject. instead i would like to come
      out and cofess to the subject of my living in bad faith. i have een
      married since january. we married out of some sort of moral response
      to a bastard stuation. i thought it was love, but it wasn't. in fact,
      i consider myself to be a homosexual. now i will have to live with
      that 'anguish'. i know thta i put myself i this situation... no matter
      how much i wish it...there is no one to blame but myself. and i will
      live in my own puni

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