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Re: [Sartre] does this god belong here?

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  • Christopher Bobo
    ... and false consciousness ?
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 4, 2001
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      John asked:
      >>So what is the meaning and context of Sartre's concept called "bad faith"
      and "false consciousness"? <<
      "Bad faith" is a lie to oneself within the unity of a single consciousness.  Through bad faith a person seeks to escape the responsible freedom of Being-for-itself.  Bad faith rests on a vacillation between transcendence and facticity which refuses to recognize either one for what it really is or to synthesize them.  Notice, no appeal to God was required in that definition.  This definition was offered by H. Barnes in her Key to Special Terminology appended to Being and Nothingness.
      "False consciousness" owes it origin at least to Marx, Engels and Feurbach.  It has been defined as "An inability to see things, especially social relations and relations of exploitation, as they really are.  The term occurs in the work of Engels, although the phemenon is implied in Feurbach's account of the religious impulse.  The state of false consciousness may be the inevitable result of a way of living, and characterizes the generic and chronic kind of servitude that cannot even perceive its own situation.  It may therefore coexist with a kind of illusory contentment.  The cure is 'consciousness-raising'.  In the later writings of Marx the concept to some extent extent supersedes that of alienation.  Notice, religion plays only a marginal role in false consciousness.  In Marxist thought, the "false consciousness" was the consciousness of the ruling class, which was imposed upon and absorbed by, the subservient class.  In capitalist society, false consciousness would consist, for instance, in the workers' adherence to middle-class, rather than working-class, consciousness.  Once again, an appeal to religion is unnecessary. 
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      From: John Foster
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      Subject: Re: [Sartre] does this god belong here?
      > Let us remind ourselves of Sartre's total indifference to god and
      >  Did not Sartre only mention christ once in his works - and that was as
      > man being a mere political agitator?

      So what is the meaning and context of Sartre's concept called "bad faith"
      and "false consciousness"? I have my own ideas about this. However I will
      keep silent. What does an atheist mean by "faith"? and what does an
      existentialist mean by "false consciousness"?

      To me they seem like universal 'negations'...

      What is consciousness mean when Sartre uses the term?

      Simple questions for some I suppose...

      john foster
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