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7686Re: analytic and continental thinking

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  • scarey1917
    Jan 1, 2006
      The point was that in the "Tractatus" the intending and living
      character of thought was not developed, so for all that it mattered
      that book could be describing the functioning of a computer
      representing a state of the world. "What is this 'thought' that arrives
      mysteriously to give significance to the porposition, to apply it, and
      to get expressed through it?. . . Wittgenstein never adequately
      explains it. . . thought in a non-behaviourist sense must be present to
      use the proposition or sentence if the sign is to signify. For it is
      really this that refers, this that corresponds,. . . Unfortunately it
      is precisely this that is an alien in Wittgenstein's world,. . . "
      ("Reason and Analysis", p. 154).

      <<<<<<"theoryphil2004"wrote: What does this mean??>>>>>>>>

      <<<<<<I think you would like Blanshard's critique; he argues that the
      early) Analytic approach to language (the "picturing" theory)
      abstracted from the consideration of living thought as the true
      intending agency.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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