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5287Re: [Sartre] Anti-Americanism

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  • praxistence@aol.com
    Dec 11, 2002
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      However, to obsess over "consumer culture," as do the majority of American
      critics (even the rabidly pro-American ones: see the bubbleheads on the Fox
      News Channel) is also to ignore Sartre's very important theory of practical
      groups, which, as Laing & Esterson cite in their "Sanity, Madness & Family,"
      examines the discontinuity betw. praxis (what individuals that comprise
      groups do) & process (what the group or group observers sees the group do).

      Not that critics or observers should be taken to task for not knowing Sartre.
      Our logical positivist philosophy refuses that very discontinuity; in other
      words, the standard American & Western-Euro view is that there cannot
      possibly be any discontinuity betw. what individuals do & what the group
      accomplishes. It doesn't make "sense."

      So, as far as our dominant world affairs policy, we see "terrorism" as the
      amorphous mass that, for whatever reason, the terrorists see themselves
      (maybe to the degree to which they've been, however much they deny it,
      "Westernized"). In fact, such a view is really a matter of convenience, since
      it allows some to wage war against an entire philosophical entity, rather
      than a political or geographical one.

      But what interests me more about this discontinuity project is that almost at
      the same time Sartre was developing his theory, the Palo Alto project
      (Bateson et al.) was developing its logical typing theory (discontinuity
      betw. set & element: from Russell & Whitehead) with regard to schizophrenia.
      I don't know yet of anyone that's commented on that.

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