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1Sartre and the Unconscious

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  • DJRNews@xxx.xxx
    Jun 22, 1999

      Welcome to the new Sartre list, I hope it will provide a forum for
      plenty of interesting and informative debate.
      I thought I'd kick things off with a question. In his preface to
      Sartre's screenplay for a film biography of Freud, the psychoanalyst J-B
      Pontalis quotes Sartre (presumably around 1958-1960) as complaining of the
      film's director John Huston that "What's irritating about him is that he
      doesn't believe in the unconscious." Apparently contradicting his position
      in the forties, that unconscious thought is a contradiction in terms.
      To what extent does Sartre's notion of pre-reflective consciousness
      succeed in disposing of the need for an unconscious?