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Fwd: Skinwalker: Yes to Zoom Suit

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2006
      Begin forwarded message:

      > From: Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@...>
      > Date: January 2, 2006 11:23:20 AM PST
      > To: caryn anscomb <nyracum@...>
      > Cc: Abram Braverman <fireofaurva@...>
      > Subject: Re: Skinwalker: Yes to Zoom Suit
      > bcc
      > Hunt for the Skinwalker is a reliable qualitative data base. BTW I
      > am mentioned by name on p. 237 and the references on pp 204-5 are
      > to me.
      > I am on p. 242.
      > Note the several hot spots all connected with same Indian tribe.
      > I also have a Russian document - similar stuff.
      > This has been happening through all recorded human history.
      > Is it US Military? NO!
      > Is it any human technology from this time? NO!
      > Is it evidence for Lenny Susskind's "Cosmic Landscape" with
      > traversable "Warped Passages" to parallel universes (brane worlds)
      > connected by Star Gate Time Travel Machines held open by dark
      > energy? YES!
      > Is there anything correct about Dan Smith's BPW? NO!
      > Note Dan's confusion that "immaterial" means "nonphysical" and
      > "supernatural" beyond physics. BIT is physical as is IT.
      > Are there psychotronic mind-control weapons using the signal
      > nonlocality "spooky telepathic action at a distance" violating
      > micro-quantum physics? YES!
      > What does the latter mean? It means that general macro-quantum
      > theory with signal nonlocality is to special micro-quantum theory
      > with signal locality and no-cloning as general relativity of curved
      > space-time is to special relativity with only flat space-time.
      > Does USG or any other nation have command of such psychotronic
      > weapons of mind-control and metric engineering of warp and
      > wormhole? NO!
      > Is this a clear and present danger to US National Security on a par
      > with the Islamo-fascist threat? YES!
      > Can we afford clueless "commissioners" in USG as described by Kit
      > Green? NO!
      > Should there be Congressional Intelligence Committee investigation
      > into this whole business? YES!
      > On Jan 2, 2006, at 10:59 AM, ...NASA scientist wrote:
      >> I'd guess there is no camera, and no projector, as such. The nano-
      >> skin is a nano phased-array antenna which cancels all scattering
      >> and/or absorption that would otherwise occur. In theory this could
      >> be energy conserving. That is, the suit just has to re-arrange
      >> its near-field (boundary) EM energy, in the precise time-varying
      >> phase-coherent way, and then the far field should take care of
      >> itself.
      >> [analogy: the waving of enough hands quickly and in the right way
      >> can make the flaws in any argument vanish].
      >> OTOH, if one can manipulate geodesics in front, behind, and inside
      >> the craft, then maybe one can create the appropriate simple shell
      >> of gravitational lenses, prisms, etc. around the craft to cloak it.
      > Yes.
      >> [analogy: you cannot see the secondary mirror when you look
      >> through a Newtonian reflector telescope, though it is in the
      >> middle of the optical path]
      > On Jan 2, 2006, at 10:10 AM, ANTIGRAY@... wrote:
      >>> I just woke up - no coffee. I do not understand how that see
      >>> through coat works. Where is the camera projecting the images on
      >>> the coat? I don't see how that could work in the field - like the
      >>> predator incident in Skinwalker.
      >> Hi Jack,
      >> There are many micro-cameras inside the suit that point outward on
      >> all sides. They capture what is on one side and display it on
      >> section of the screen on the side opposite so it appears that you
      >> are looking through the suit. There is a description of how it
      >> works here:
      >> http://www.viewzone.com/cloaking.html
      >> There is an interactive photo on that site showing a soldier
      >> wearing the suit (like this below) and you can watch it change to
      >> match the background.
      >> The detailed technical description of how it functions is on the
      >> US patent site:
      >> United States Patent 5,307,162
      >> Schowengerdt April 26, 1994
      >> Cloaking system using optoelectronically controlled camouflage
      >> Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=/netahtml/
      >> srchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=%275,307,162%27.WKU.&OS=PN/
      >> 5,307,162&RS=PN/5,307,162
      >> Art
      >> Jack Sarfatti wrote:
      >>> I just woke up - no coffee. I do not understand how that see
      >>> through coat works. Where is the camera projecting the images on
      >>> the coat? I don't see how that could work in the field - like the
      >>> predator incident in Skinwalker.
      >>> If the saucer is in warp drive, then automatically everything
      >>> inside the saucer is weightless. The abductee is strapped down
      >>> otherwise she would float also.
      >>> In the SKIN-TIGHT ZOOM SUIT the nanoengineered thin "cloth" has
      >>> tiny high Tc coils that generate trapped magnetic flux phase
      >>> locked into the vacuum's Goldstone phases to change the local
      >>> zero point stress-energy density distribution. That's one
      >>> possible way - there may be other ways to lock into the vacuum
      >>> phases that control the local geometrodynamical tetrad field B ~ d
      >>> (Vacuum Phase - Control Phase)
      >>> Einstein's local curved metric field ~ (1 + B)(flat metric)(1 + B)
      >>> Note the self-interacting nonlinear term ~ B^2 in addition to the
      >>> linear cross terms.
      >>> Must traipse out to Trieste for coffee.
      >>> On Jan 2, 2006, at 5:13 AM, caryn anscomb wrote:
      >>>> *>>>Historical footnote: According to legend, some Druid leaders
      >>>> had cloaks that gave them invisibility. Those invisibility
      >>>> cloaks may have been gifts the aliens gave some Druids as a
      >>>> reward, or the Druid leaders fabricated tales of cloak ownership
      >>>> as a result of cloak-envy.<<<*
      >>>> *The Druid ‘cloak’ is a metaphor…=... mind over matter. *
      >>>> */ANTIGRAY@... <mailto:ANTIGRAY@...>/* wrote:
      >>>> In a message dated 1/1/2006 10:56:41 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      >>>> sarfatti@... <mailto:sarfatti@...> writes:
      >>>>> /Received from Internet: /
      >>>>> I almost missed this one because of Kit Green's provocation
      >>>>> today
      >>>>> following by Toady Collins.
      >>>>> I am on p. 216 of Skinwalker at this moment.
      >>>>> obvious
      >>>>> consequence of my theory!
      >>>>> It's quite clear that if we depend on those 18 Victorian
      >>>>> Station
      >>>>> Masters described by Kit Green we will all wind up as Stew for
      >>>>> Malevolent Super Intelligent Dinos! ;-)
      >>>> *Hi Jack,
      >>>> Here is some additional information about the alien's Zoom
      >>>> Suit.
      >>>> My son lives about 2 miles from me. On the night of Jan. 14,
      >>>> 2001 he surprised 20 aliens in his back yard. I think he
      >>>> broke up
      >>>> a scouting operation. His wife saw them too. He and his wife
      >>>> had
      >>>> just come home from work around midnight. They walked into the
      >>>> house and my son immediately went out the back sliding glass
      >>>> door
      >>>> to go feed the dog, and saw the aliens in his backyard. They
      >>>> were
      >>>> completely taken by surprise, and did not move, probably hoping
      >>>> their near invisible state would keep them from being seen.
      >>>> They
      >>>> were in several groups, all floating about a foot off the
      >>>> ground.
      >>>> They appeared as an almost completely transparent outline of
      >>>> alien
      >>>> Gray figures, with a very faint pale bluish glow emanating from
      >>>> them around the edges of their outline. The aliens and my son
      >>>> froze and looked at each other for about 2 minutes. My son
      >>>> said it
      >>>> was hard to focus your eyes on them, it was almost like they
      >>>> weren't there. As he went back into the house, he saw most
      >>>> of the
      >>>> aliens zip sideways and out of sight. Some went left, some
      >>>> right.
      >>>> My son got his wife Tina and brought her out to see them. There
      >>>> were only five aliens left, now floating ten feet up in the
      >>>> air.
      >>>> Tina managed to focus her eyes on them and watch them for
      >>>> about 30
      >>>> seconds. Then they zipped straight up and out of sight, one
      >>>> right
      >>>> after the other, in the space of about two seconds. My son
      >>>> saw one
      >>>> of these nearly transparent aliens two nights later in his
      >>>> living
      >>>> room. He saw something like a faint shadow move behind a big
      >>>> stereo speaker next to his entertainment center. He
      >>>> concentrated
      >>>> on watching it, to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Then
      >>>> he saw
      >>>> it move behind the entertainment center. A few seconds later it
      >>>> moved behind the speaker on the other side. He got up to go
      >>>> over
      >>>> to see it and it shot out from behind the speaker, zipped
      >>>> down the
      >>>> hall and disappeared. My son has not seen any aliens since. I
      >>>> think the aliens were on an exploratory or scouting mission to
      >>>> pick out people in the neighborhood who meet their criteria for
      >>>> abduction. Before they were dropped off in the area, the craft
      >>>> they were in most likely scanned all the houses in the area and
      >>>> found that my son's house was vacant, so the alien team
      >>>> assembled
      >>>> in his backyard. When my son drove up shortly thereafter,
      >>>> they did
      >>>> not detect his presence, probably because they don't carry any
      >>>> sensing equipment that could scan through his house and see him
      >>>> arriving. They did not abduct my son because he startled them.
      >>>> They may not be coming back because their secrecy was
      >>>> compromised,
      >>>> and the second encounter showed them their invisibility
      >>>> equipment
      >>>> wasn't working at 100%. I told my son what to watch for
      >>>> regarding
      >>>> signs of alien abduction, just in case. The alien scouts are
      >>>> wearing what must be an electrochromatic invisibility temporal
      >>>> displacement stealth flying suit. Since they probably don't
      >>>> carry
      >>>> a reactor for power, those suits must draw their power remotely
      >>>> from their craft. I will try to explain what the alien looked
      >>>> like that my son saw in his house. My son said what he saw was
      >>>> like the spread out beam of a car headlight. My son did not
      >>>> see a
      >>>> shadow, as other people have seen in similar circumstances. His
      >>>> indoor sighting was at night and there was no light source that
      >>>> was bright enough shining on the alien in the invisibility
      >>>> suit to
      >>>> make it cast a shadow on the wall. If direct light is not
      >>>> shining
      >>>> on the alien in the suit sufficient for them to cast a
      >>>> shadow, all
      >>>> you can see is light they are emitting toward you from the
      >>>> display
      >>>> screen that covers them. The “screen” is showing
      >>>> the picture
      >>>> of what is behind the alien. So looking at them is like
      >>>> looking at
      >>>> a TV screen that is showing you the exact picture and light
      >>>> intensity of what is behind them. It is sending an image,
      >>>> not just
      >>>> reflecting light back at you from what is beyond them. As the
      >>>> “screen” they are wearing curves away from your
      >>>> line of sight
      >>>> at the suit's edges, that curvature does not transmit the
      >>>> picture
      >>>> to you in a straight line. The curvature allows you to see the
      >>>> screen at the edges as being a little brighter than the frontal
      >>>> aspect of the screen. This gives the “picture” a
      >>>> spotlight or
      >>>> halo effect all around its edges. The vast majority of the
      >>>> people
      >>>> who reported seeing “shadow people” were viewing
      >>>> the shadow
      >>>> cast by the aliens because they were spotlighted by a bright
      >>>> light
      >>>> source which cast a shadow behind them. If the alien was not
      >>>> standing in a position to block the view of its shadow, the
      >>>> shadow
      >>>> would be visible to the human viewer. If they stay close to the
      >>>> wall where the shadow would be cast, they will be covering up
      >>>> their shadow. Entering the homes of humans who are wide
      >>>> awake, and
      >>>> even in the daytime, clearly seems to be a standard operating
      >>>> procedure. Using their invisibility suits, and invisibility
      >>>> technology on their craft, they have gotten away with it many
      >>>> times over the years. In April 2002 my seven-year-old
      >>>> granddaughter told me that she had been in the kitchen when
      >>>> my son
      >>>> had seen all the aliens in the back yard. Due to the
      >>>> excitement of
      >>>> my son and his wife seeing the aliens, none of us thought to
      >>>> ask
      >>>> her if she had seen anything. She told me she saw one of them
      >>>> follow her dad back inside the house through the back door
      >>>> without
      >>>> him realizing it, float through the kitchen right in front
      >>>> of her,
      >>>> and follow her dad down the hall. Then she lost sight of it.
      >>>> I am
      >>>> still shaken that she was so close to all this. Thinking
      >>>> back on
      >>>> the description of the visible effects of the alien's
      >>>> electrochromatic invisibility suit while the aliens were in a
      >>>> floating mode, added additional scientific credibility to the
      >>>> eyewitness accounts by my family members. My son and wife
      >>>> reported
      >>>> that they were able to see the faint electric **blue glow
      >>>> around
      >>>> the outer edges of the “invisible” floating
      >>>> aliens. I believe
      >>>> this visible glowing effect is due to the power output from the
      >>>> alien's personal antigravity equipment that they use to
      >>>> float and
      >>>> propel themselves. (Most abductees report that the Grays
      >>>> float a
      >>>> lot, even on their ships.) The power the antigravity unit
      >>>> puts out
      >>>> is probably causing a faint blue glow to be output by the
      >>>> invisibility suit's TV projection circuitry, which is basically
      >>>> projecting pictures on a type of LCD screen that completely
      >>>> covers
      >>>> the alien. It could also be the anti-grav field causing
      >>>> excitation
      >>>> of molecules of oxygen or nitrogen in the air near the
      >>>> suits, and
      >>>> the glow is photons being emitted as the electrons drop back to
      >>>> lower orbit shells around their atom's nuclei. A blue glow is
      >>>> sometimes observed near the surface of hovering visible UFOs
      >>>> too. As the patent on our back-engineered copy of this alien
      >>>> suit
      >>>> shows, it makes the suit-clad subject invisible by
      >>>> projecting the
      >>>> scene on all sides of itself that is on the opposite side of
      >>>> the
      >>>> subject, as if you are looking right through the subject.
      >>>> When the
      >>>> antigravity unit is activated, its electronic signature must
      >>>> cause
      >>>> the faint blue glow on the LCD type screen that was observed by
      >>>> the witnesses. The fact that it is barely visible is a
      >>>> tribute to
      >>>> the aliens advanced fine tuning skills between the two
      >>>> operating
      >>>> systems. Even more impressive is the fact that the Grays carry
      >>>> other equipment that allows them to operate the antigravity
      >>>> unit
      >>>> at the same time that another piece of equipment is in
      >>>> operation
      >>>> that enables them to pass through either solid walls or closed
      >>>> windows during an abduction, and pass back out through the
      >>>> walls
      >>>> while floating the abductee along with them. The aliens don't
      >>>> operate the invisibility suit during those through the wall and
      >>>> other type abductions, so maybe there is some kind of
      >>>> incompatibility in operating all three systems at once. Even if
      >>>> the Grays are “visible” to the abductee during an
      >>>> abduction,
      >>>> it is standard operating procedure to electronically erase the
      >>>> abductee's memory of the event. That is a kind of â
      >>>> €œafter the
      >>>> fact” invisibility.
      >>>> Historical footnote: According to legend, some Druid leaders
      >>>> had
      >>>> cloaks that gave them invisibility. Those invisibility
      >>>> cloaks may
      >>>> have been gifts the aliens gave some Druids as a reward, or the
      >>>> Druid leaders fabricated tales of cloak ownership as a
      >>>> result of
      >>>> cloak-envy. The Druid leaders may have claimed to their
      >>>> followers
      >>>> that they could get invisible just like the aliens. The
      >>>> followers
      >>>> would never know when they were being watched, so they would
      >>>> always behave. Big Brother Druid is watching.
      >>>> The Japanese are making cheap knockoffs already:*
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> <mime-attachment.jpeg>
      >>>> *Scientist invents Harry Potter invisibility cloak *
      >>>> Updated 05 February 2003, 19.19
      >>>> A Japanese clever-clogs has brought the magical world of
      >>>> Hogwarts
      >>>> one stepcloser! Professor Susumu Tachi of Tokyo University has
      >>>> made a coat that you can see through just like Harry Potter's
      >>>> invisibility cloak.
      >>>> The picture on the coat is made by a viewfinder which puts
      >>>> together the moving images which are behind the wearer.
      >>>> *Completely see-through*
      >>>> Harry Potter's not the only one with an invisibility cloak!
      >>>> The Japanese scientist hopes one day he'll be able to make you
      >>>> completely see-through.
      >>>> This should help people like surgeons who would like to be
      >>>> able to
      >>>> see through their hands when they are operating.
      >>>> But we reckon it would be best for sneaking round school
      >>>> corridors
      >>>> when you're meant to be in your house dorm!
      >>>> =================================
      >>>> * **This is the patent on our military grade invis-camo that
      >>>> makes planes, tanks, and people invisible.
      >>>> United States Patent /5,307,162/*//
      >>>> *Schowengerdt April 26, 1994
      >>>> *
      >>>> *Cloaking system using optoelectronically controlled
      >>>> camouflage *
      >>>> _http://
      >>>> Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=/netahtml/
      >>>> srchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=%275,307,162%27.WKU.&OS=PN/
      >>>> 5,307,162&RS=PN/5,307,162
      >>>> <
      >>>> Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=/netahtml/
      >>>> srchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=%275,307,162%27.WKU.&OS=PN/
      >>>> 5,307,162&RS=PN/5,307,162>___
      >>>> ===========================================
      >>>>> On Jan 1, 2006, at 10:10 AM, ANTIGRAY@...
      >>>>> <mailto:ANTIGRAY@...> wrote:
      >>>>>> In a message dated 1/1/2006 12:39:24 PM Eastern Standard
      >>>>>> Time,
      >>>>>> sarfatti@... <mailto:sarfatti@...> writes:
      >>>>>>> Subj:* Re: Skinwalker Zoom Suit*
      >>>>>>> Date:1/1/2006 12:39:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
      >>>>>>> From:sarfatti@... <mailto:sarfatti@...>
      >>>>>>> /Received from Internet: /
      >>>>>> /
      >>>>>> /
      >>>>>>> On Jan 1, 2006, at 5:46 AM, George Knapp wrote:
      >>>>>>>> First off, happy New Year to all on this list.
      >>>>>>>> Second, I appreciate Ron's thoughtful observations,
      >>>>>>>> questions, and suggestions. It's especially gratifying to
      >>>>>>>> learn that he agrees the material in the book is worthy of
      >>>>>>>> serious consideration, even though it is admittedly
      >>>>>>>> difficult
      >>>>>>>> to reach any hard conclusions about what any of this means.
      >>>>> Now did those TEN POOH BAHS from DIA &CIA read the stuff below
      >>>>> and if they did, did they understand it? What did they read
      >>>>> that
      >>>>> would accurately reflect my real ideas on the physics of
      >>>>> SKINWALKER?
      >>>>>>> It means metric engineering technology is being used by
      >>>>>>> parties
      >>>>>>> unknown. If Shamans can do it they do it. That means a phase
      >>>>>>> locking of a coherent mind field with the coherent phase
      >>>>>>> of the
      >>>>>>> vacuum that determines the local geometrodynamic curved
      >>>>>>> tetrad
      >>>>>>> field B.
      >>>>>>> In my current model
      >>>>>>> B = (hG/c^3)^1/2[(dtheta)(phi) - (theta)(dphi)]
      >>>>>>> dB = (hG/c^3)^1/2(dtheta)/\(dphi)
      >>>>>>> theta &phi are 2 vacuum Goldstone phases (that seems to be
      >>>>>>> needed to fit NASA Pioneer Space Probe data)
      >>>>>>> Einstein's basic space-time differential invariant is of
      >>>>>>> the form
      >>>>>>> ds^2 = guvdx^udx^v = (1 + B)(Flat Metric)(1 + B)
      >>>>>>> What happens in metric engineering is that there is a
      >>>>>>> controlled phase modulation from a phase-lock. Let chi be
      >>>>>>> the
      >>>>>>> control phase modulation field that could be a mind field
      >>>>>>> generated by the Shaman or UT etc.
      >>>>>>> Then
      >>>>>>> theta -> theta + chi
      >>>>>>> phi -> phi + chi
      >>>>>>> The idea is very simple. It's 4D FM RADIO. Phase
      >>>>>>> modulation in
      >>>>>>> both space and time.
      >>>>>>> Hal Puthoff's and Bernie Haisch's ideas are completely
      >>>>>>> inadequate. So is James Woodward's. Unfortunately Eric Davis
      >>>>>>> buy them. You cannot do metric engineering with random
      >>>>>>> stochastic electromagnetic fields. You must use coherent
      >>>>>>> vacuum
      >>>>>>> Higgs fields as explained by Lenny Susskind, professor of
      >>>>>>> physics at Stanford in "Cosmic Landscape". Note the gravity
      >>>>>>> generating Higgs field i.e. Planck Higgs field is not the
      >>>>>>> same
      >>>>>>> as the electroweak Higgs field that splits off from it at
      >>>>>>> lower
      >>>>>>> energy.
      >>>>>>> Planck Higgs field generates Einstein gravity at 10^19
      >>>>>>> Gev and
      >>>>>>> it lowers the dark energy density. The leptons and quarks
      >>>>>>> are
      >>>>>>> still massless until expanding spatial geometrodynamical
      >>>>>>> field
      >>>>>>> cools to ~ few 100 Gev and the electroweak Higgs field
      >>>>>>> splits
      >>>>>>> off to give leptons and quarks their mass.
      >>>>>>> The origin of inertia is from the coherent vacuum
      >>>>>>> electroweak
      >>>>>>> Higgs field not from stochastic electromagnetic fields.
      >>>>>> ===============================================
      >>>>>> *
      >>>>>> From Art:
      >>>>>> **Is A Utah Ranch The Strangest Place On Earth?
      >>>>>> *By George Knapp
      >>>>>> Copyright © Las Vegas Mercury
      >>>>>> 11-29-2
      >>>>>> *Excerpt:
      >>>>>> Of all the strange incidents at the ranch, this one may
      >>>>>> take the
      >>>>>> prize. It occurred on the night of March 12, 1997. Barking
      >>>>>> dogs
      >>>>>> alerted the team to something lurking in a tree near the
      >>>>>> ranch
      >>>>>> house. ***
      >>>>>> *Tom Gorman grabbed a hunting rifle and took off in his truck
      >>>>>> toward the tree. Two NIDS staffers followed in another
      >>>>>> vehicle.
      >>>>>> Up in the tree branches, they could make out a huge set of
      >>>>>> yellowish, reptilian eyes. The head of this animal had to be
      >>>>>> three feet wide, they guessed. At the bottom of the tree was
      >>>>>> something else. Gorman described it as huge and hairy, with
      >>>>>> massively muscled front legs and a doglike head. *
      >>>>>> *Gorman, who is a crack shot, fired at both figures from a
      >>>>>> distance of 40 yards. The creature on the ground seemed to
      >>>>>> vanish. The thing in the tree apparently fell to the ground
      >>>>>> because Gorman heard it as it landed heavily in the
      >>>>>> patches of
      >>>>>> snow below. All three men ran through the pasture and scrub
      >>>>>> brush, chasing what they thought was a wounded animal, but
      >>>>>> they
      >>>>>> never found the animal and saw no blood either. A
      >>>>>> professional
      >>>>>> tracker was brought in the next day to scour the area.
      >>>>>> Nothing. *
      >>>>>> *But there was a physical clue left behind. At the bottom
      >>>>>> of the
      >>>>>> tree, they found and photographed a weird footprint, or
      >>>>>> rather,
      >>>>>> claw print. The print left in the snow was from something
      >>>>>> large.
      >>>>>> It had three digits with what they guessed were sharp
      >>>>>> claws on
      >>>>>> the end. Later analysis and comparison of the print led
      >>>>>> them to
      >>>>>> find a chilling similarity--the print from the ranch closely
      >>>>>> resembled that of a velociraptor, an extinct dinosaur made
      >>>>>> famous in the Jurassic Park films. (For the record, no one at
      >>>>>> NIDS is saying he shot a velociraptor. They don't know
      >>>>>> what it was.)
      >>>>>> ========================================
      >>>>>> Note from Art: I know what it was. It was our Repto Sapien
      >>>>>> cousins (three toes) using their optoelectronic camouflage
      >>>>>> suit
      >>>>>> system, a model which is similar to what my son observed
      >>>>>> being
      >>>>>> used by 20 Grays he encountered behind his house. The suit
      >>>>>> system allows them to achieve flight using a personal
      >>>>>> antigravity propulsion system. It is probably a scaled down
      >>>>>> version of their ship propulsion system. My son observed them
      >>>>>> hovering a foot off the ground and then flying off. They
      >>>>>> popped
      >>>>>> up in the air enough to clear nearby houses, etc., then
      >>>>>> instantly accelerated away laterally, some to the East,
      >>>>>> others
      >>>>>> to the West. Refer to my book for complete details.
      >>>>>> http://www.booklocker.com/books/1417.html
      >>>>>> ======================================== ***
      >>>>>>>> The questions and issues he raises are ones that the NIDS
      >>>>>>>> Science Advisory Board considered as well during the years
      >>>>>>>> when the field reports from the ranch were pouring
      >>>>>>>> in. Although I was allowed to read many of those
      >>>>>>>> reports, I was
      >>>>>>>> not a participant in the SAB discussions about the ongoing
      >>>>>>>> study, but I know that there were several vigorous debates
      >>>>>>>> within the organization about the ranch and about the
      >>>>>>>> direction the study should take. If the book leaves the
      >>>>>>>> impression that little thought was given to tactics and
      >>>>>>>> methodologies, it's the fault of the authors, because
      >>>>>>>> that is
      >>>>>>>> not the case at all. Some very smart people argued
      >>>>>>>> back and
      >>>>>>>> forth about questions just like the ones raised by Ron.
      >>>>>>>> There
      >>>>>>>> were differences of opinion about the best way to
      >>>>>>>> proceed and
      >>>>>>>> about the significance of the data that was gleaned by the
      >>>>>>>> team on the ground. I will leave it to others to evaluate
      >>>>>>>> whether mistakes were made, but from the viewpoint of an
      >>>>>>>> informed bystander, I can tell you that the scientists
      >>>>>>>> involved in this study approached this mystery with open
      >>>>>>>> minds
      >>>>>>>> and honest intentions. It wasn't a seat-of-the-pants
      >>>>>>>> effort
      >>>>>>>> by any means, although everyone who was involved would
      >>>>>>>> probably agree that different approaches may have led to
      >>>>>>>> different results. Anyone who has read the book will
      >>>>>>>> recognize that this particular mystery represents
      >>>>>>>> unexplored
      >>>>>>>> territory for scientists. There is no blueprint or
      >>>>>>>> manual to
      >>>>>>>> follow for something like this. As far as I know, there
      >>>>>>>> is no
      >>>>>>>> precedent for a long-term study of this nature. The reasons
      >>>>>>>> are obvious----1) there aren't many--if any--places in the
      >>>>>>>> world where phenomena like those described in the book
      >>>>>>>> pop up
      >>>>>>>> at the same place, in different forms, over such an
      >>>>>>>> extended
      >>>>>>>> period of time, and 2) there has never been an
      >>>>>>>> independent,
      >>>>>>>> privately sponsored operation like NIDS, which had the
      >>>>>>>> resources and expertise to take something like this on.
      >>>>>>>> I'm
      >>>>>>>> not blowing smoke up their butts when I say that the
      >>>>>>>> study was
      >>>>>>>> extraordinary. Is there a scientist on this list who would
      >>>>>>>> not amputate a digit or two to be able to participate in a
      >>>>>>>> study of this nature, one that is not constrained by the
      >>>>>>>> presumed interests of government grant-writers or
      >>>>>>>> university
      >>>>>>>> administrators? Seriously, this was a unique and
      >>>>>>>> fascinating
      >>>>>>>> undertaking. If mistakes were made, they weren't the
      >>>>>>>> result of
      >>>>>>>> any sinister intentions or hidden agendas. To my
      >>>>>>>> knowledge,
      >>>>>>>> everyone who had a say in the research had the same
      >>>>>>>> goal---to
      >>>>>>>> get answers ro the questions that are banging around in the
      >>>>>>>> heads of everyone who is reading this.
      >>>>>>>> Ron made one comment that got under my skin. He questioned
      >>>>>>>> the "intent" of the authors because of what he perceived
      >>>>>>>> as a
      >>>>>>>> poor explanation of "the camera incident". If we
      >>>>>>>> didn't make
      >>>>>>>> things clear in the book, it's our own fault. I'm going to
      >>>>>>>> take a look at those pages and give it some thought.
      >>>>>>>> However,
      >>>>>>>> the implication that the confusion Ron felt might be the
      >>>>>>>> result of "intent" on the part of the co-authors is
      >>>>>>>> unfair and
      >>>>>>>> unfounded. I didn't get the sense that Ron was really
      >>>>>>>> pushing
      >>>>>>>> this point, only that it was a question that occurred to
      >>>>>>>> him,
      >>>>>>>> so I won't go overboard in my response except to say
      >>>>>>>> that he
      >>>>>>>> is dead wrong. Dr. Colm Kelleher is an honest man, a
      >>>>>>>> solid
      >>>>>>>> scientist, and a good guy. He put everything on the
      >>>>>>>> line to
      >>>>>>>> join NIDS---everything---and he spent thousands of hours
      >>>>>>>> out
      >>>>>>>> there in the darkness of the ranch, wallking the property
      >>>>>>>> until 4 or 5 in the morning, sometimes in temperatures
      >>>>>>>> below
      >>>>>>>> freezing, trying to interact with an intelligence that
      >>>>>>>> repeatedly displayed its mastery of the terrain, its
      >>>>>>>> ability
      >>>>>>>> to terrify humans, and its penchant for the occasional
      >>>>>>>> mutilation and/or incineration of other species. He was
      >>>>>>>> reluctant to participate in writing the book out of
      >>>>>>>> loyalty to
      >>>>>>>> his colleagues at NIDS and his concern for the "Gorman"
      >>>>>>>> family, so in my estimation, he had no agenda or "intent".
      >>>>>>>> I've known him for 7 or 8 years now and can say without any
      >>>>>>>> hesitation that he is a straight shooter. I'd like to
      >>>>>>>> believe
      >>>>>>>> that the same goes for me. Few people on this list have
      >>>>>>>> ever
      >>>>>>>> met me, but I'm known in my own community as a good
      >>>>>>>> journalist. My interest in unusual phenomena has caused me
      >>>>>>>> considerable grief, personally and professionally, but I
      >>>>>>>> have
      >>>>>>>> stuck my neck way, way out for a lot of years now
      >>>>>>>> because I'm
      >>>>>>>> convinced the subject matter deserves serious
      >>>>>>>> consideration by
      >>>>>>>> science and journalism. If there is another mainstream
      >>>>>>>> journalist in the country who has put more work into
      >>>>>>>> this area
      >>>>>>>> than I have over the last 20 years, I'd be amazed. I've
      >>>>>>>> made
      >>>>>>>> mistakes, of course, but to suggest that I have some
      >>>>>>>> agenda or
      >>>>>>>> that Colm has an unspecified "intent" is simply and
      >>>>>>>> factually
      >>>>>>>> incorrect. We wrote the book on our own, without any
      >>>>>>>> influence or guidelines from anyone except for our
      >>>>>>>> editor at
      >>>>>>>> Paraview. Only one person associated with NIDS even knew
      >>>>>>>> about the book until it was already written. Could the
      >>>>>>>> book
      >>>>>>>> be better than it is? Of course. I'd like to rewrite it
      >>>>>>>> tomorrow. And two weeks from now, I'd probably like to
      >>>>>>>> re-write it again. But whatever its shortcomings might
      >>>>>>>> be, they did not stem from any unspecified or
      >>>>>>>> suspicious "intent"
      >>>>>>>> on our part. For the time being, I suppose you will
      >>>>>>>> just have
      >>>>>>>> to take our word for it.
      >>>>>>>> Ron questions whether the NIDS team was aggressive
      >>>>>>>> enough in
      >>>>>>>> its pursuit of the phenomena. In particular, he asks if
      >>>>>>>> this
      >>>>>>>> was a real "Hunt" or a passive observation effort. Good
      >>>>>>>> points. Good questions. I'm not going to get into a
      >>>>>>>> detailed
      >>>>>>>> discussion of this right now, but in the days ahead, either
      >>>>>>>> Colm or myself will try to address this very valid
      >>>>>>>> matter. For now, let me say that these exact issues were
      >>>>>>>> debated
      >>>>>>>> within NIDS over many months. There were distinct
      >>>>>>>> disagreements within the organization about how the study
      >>>>>>>> should proceed and what kind of presence NIDS should
      >>>>>>>> have on
      >>>>>>>> the ranch. In other words, the decisions that were made
      >>>>>>>> about
      >>>>>>>> what direction the study should take were not casual
      >>>>>>>> afterthoughts or spontaneous whims. I'm reasonably
      >>>>>>>> confident
      >>>>>>>> that the principal players at NIDS have reconsidered and
      >>>>>>>> rethought their decisions about the ranch many many
      >>>>>>>> times, and
      >>>>>>>> are still being pondered by some even though NIDS itself
      >>>>>>>> is in
      >>>>>>>> hibernation. All I can tell you is that a group of highly
      >>>>>>>> intelligent people engaged in lengthy--and sometimes
      >>>>>>>> heated---discussions about these exact questions. In
      >>>>>>>> retrospect, there are things that probably would have been
      >>>>>>>> done differently. Maybe there will be an opportunity
      >>>>>>>> in the
      >>>>>>>> future to consider other approaches, but that probably
      >>>>>>>> depends
      >>>>>>>> on whether or not the presence at the ranch decides to
      >>>>>>>> re-emerge in a major way. At present, that isn't the case.
      >>>>>>>> Thanks for the discussion and for giving the book a fair
      >>>>>>>> shake. It isn't perfect by any means, but it was an
      >>>>>>>> honest
      >>>>>>>> effort on our parts and the information that was collected
      >>>>>>>> during the study certainly seems to be important, even
      >>>>>>>> if we
      >>>>>>>> haven't yet figured out what it means.
      >>>>>>>> GK
      >>>>>>>> Good suggestions.
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