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Re: variation of alpha, Einstein-Wheeler-Bohm

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    Newton realized that the fall of the apple was the same as the motion of the Earth around the Sun.  That was his Alchemical “As Above So Below.” I have
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2004
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      Newton realized that the fall of the apple was the same as the motion
      of the Earth around the Sun.  That was his Alchemical “As Above So
      Below.” I have shown that the Galactic Halo holds the stars together in
      the same way, through negative zero point energy density with equal and
      opposite positive quantum pressure, that the electron’s distributed
      repulsive electric charge is held together.  As Above So Below again.

      from Super Cosmos http://qedcorp.com/destiny/

      On Feb 29, 2004, at 4:04 PM, Carlos Castro wrote:

      > Dear Gary, Jack and Tony :
      > Thank you very much Tony for those references.
      > The variable fine structure constant story in my paper
      > is based on maximal-acceleration relativistic effects,
      > assuming that this maximal-acceleration relativity
      > theory in phases spaces is truly a NEW phenomenon
      > which occurs in Nature.
      > I used the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric plus
      > conformal scaling corrections stemming from the
      > maximal-acceleration condition which is
      > Maximal acceleration = c^2 / L_p
      > L_p = Planck scale.
      > You also have a maximal-angular velocity in Nature
      > like in the rotation of spiral galaxies, etc given by
      > omega = c/L_p.

      Of course it may be that the effective Lp* >> Lp as it is in my theory.
      So this notion of maximal acceleration might be directly testable.
      For example, I propose Lp* ~ 1 fermi inside the spatially extended
      electron as the "dark matter" random zero point energy positive
      pressure "vortex core" where "vacuum coherence" drops to zero in the
      "coherence length". The zero point energy induced strong short range
      attractive gravity then stabilizes the self-electric charge and
      spin-rotation of the electron as a kind of quasi-Kerr-Newman quantum
      "micro-geon" (A. Burinskii) with the zero point energy induced electron
      rest mass m of the order

      m ~ (e/c)^2Lp*^-1 = (e/c)^2Lp*^-1|/\zpf|^1/2 ~ 1 Mev/c^2

      where vacuum coherence -> 0 inside the electron vortex ring core.

      This is a pure Wheeler geometrodynamic exotic vacuum "Mass without
      mass" "Charge without charge" picture with an effective shor- range
      Sakharov zero point energy induced G* ~ 10^40G(Newton) inside the

      The problem of the stability of the repulsive self-charge of the
      electron of 100 years ago is solved. There are no longer infinite
      renormalizations of QED needed. Feynman first got me thinking about all
      this in his office at Cal Tech in 1968 when he helped on my PhD ideas.
      He first tried to solve this problem as an undergrad at MIT. Also
      Herbert Frohlich told me in 1967 at UCSD around same time that PW
      Anderson came there to give his "More is different talk" (I was back
      from Harwell then where I did the Goldstone/Jahn-Teller broken symmetry
      paper with Stoneham in Proc Phys Soc London) that THE BIG ERROR in
      physics was thinking of the electron as a point particle.

      This picture fits "Einstein's Vision" as described by Wheeler in his
      book "Geometrodynamics" and in his UCSD visits and his talks at
      Heisenberg's Munich Institute I attended in Summer 1966. I also fits
      Bohm's hidden variable intepretation and J.P. Vigier's theory of "tight
      atomic states" leading perhaps to the larger atomic energy release that
      Maric et-al were looking for in Beograd although I do not think they
      found it.

      My idea is also consistent with the point-like Feynman "parton" picture
      of lepto-quark imaging at high magnification (deep inelastic electron
      scattering) because of well known GR property that the interior volume
      is larger than the surface area would lead one to expect using flat
      Euclidean geometry. For example in the SSS vacuum solution

      dC/dR = 2pi(1 - 2G*mp/hc^2)^1/2

      p = scattering momentum transfer between probe and target m

      where h/p > 2G*m/c^2

      G* ~ 10^40 G(Newton)

      replace m by (e/c)^2|/\zpf|^1/2 for example.

      The effective SHRINKING size of the real lepto-quark target inside the
      hadron bag of "QCD Lite" (F. Wilczek) is of order

      (h/mc)[1 - 2|/\zpf|^1/2(p/h)]^1/2

      where h/p > |/\zpf|^-1/2

      > Max Born many years ago also suggested the Dual
      > Relativity Principle applied to phase spaces. So if
      > there is an upper bound on velocities, there should be
      > a bound of momentum, forces in Nature. Later on this
      > lead to the Born-Infeld description of
      > Electrodynamics. QM involves phase spaces.
      > I believe we must look at new physics and entirely
      > new ideas to figure out all this stuff about
      > variations of the constants in Nature, dark matter,
      > etc.... As I've said, the conformal-boosts are linked
      > to accelerated hyperbolic trajectories.

      Yes, I also sense that is important but I am not clear how.
      I think we need to locally gauge ALL 15 generators of the Lie Algebra of
      the Conformal group.

      > My gut feeling is that all matter in the Universe may
      > have been created out of the vaccum due to
      > cosmological acceleration effects ( Unruh-Rindler
      > effect ). I discuss this in the IJMPA paper.
      > Thank you once again
      > Best wishes
      > Carlos
      On Feb 29, 2004, at 7:20 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

      > Jack, you ask
      > "... can we get a consistent solution where H(t) is
      > constant to a good approximation so that
      > a(t) ~ a(0)e^Hot
      > without violating all the precision cosmology "concordance"
      > observations? ...".
      > According to one of the illustrations from the web page at
      > http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/astronomy/
      > farthest_supernova_010402.html
      > a copy of which is attached to this message
      > "... This diagram reveals changes in the rate of expansion
      > since the universe's birth 15 billion years ago.
      > The more shallow the curve, the faster the rate of expansion.
      > The curve changes noticeably about 7.5 billion years ago ...".
      > As you can see, the curve is not a cone (rotated line)
      > but is convex/concave (rotated curve with inflection point),
      > due to the facts that
      > just before about 7.5 billion years ago the expansion was decelerating
      > while
      > ever since that inflection point about 7.5 billion years ago the
      > expansion has been (and still is) accelerating.
      > Doesn't that rule out the linear (in log time) equation
      > about which you ask?
      > Tony

      Yes, I think it does. I did not think that was a correct idea to begin
      I am struggling with apparently wrong requirement that things like mass
      of lepto-quarks
      and Regge slope may be cosmic time dependent if we use ideas suggested
      by the holographic universe conjecture. But my thinking here may well
      be muddled
      like Hal's is on metric engineering. None of us are immune. :-)
    • Jack Sarfatti
      TYPO ... should be
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 1, 2004
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        On Mar 1, 2004, at 8:55 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

        > m ~ (e/c)^2Lp*^-1 = (e/c)^2Lp*^-1|/\zpf|^1/2 ~ 1 Mev/c^2

        should be

        > m ~ (e/c)^2Lp*^-1 = (e/c)^2|/\zpf|^1/2 ~ 1 Mev/c^2

      • Berkant
        It seems that the group around Jack Sarfatti and in German the group working on the Heim theory are on the best way. But I am no expert to give a ranking
        Message 3 of 4 , Mar 1, 2004
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          It seems that the group around Jack Sarfatti and in German the group
          working on the Heim theory are on the best way. But I am no expert
          to give a ranking here.:-) I only work on simple but cool stuff what
          may come before your star trek sufi physics stuff. Maybe I can help
          you though both groups.

          From: "Berkant" <bronzadam@y...>
          Date: Mon Mar 1, 2004 3:13 am
          Subject: Communication and Navigation in a Conscious Universe

          Friends, let us consider ideas which are far behind the visions of
          the star trek creators. Let us go behind simple approaches excluding
          sensitive areas like consciousness. Let us find ways to communicate
          and navigate in a conscious universe.

          Of course, if we only want exotic crafts within the atmosphere we
          could stop this discussion here. If we do not want to pass the speed
          of light and if we are happy with atmospheric plasma propulsions for
          instance, we can stop here. But if we really want to go to the
          stars, we should find ways to merge the proven knowledge of science
          and mysticism. I am so far now to say there is no way out.

          Yes, let us think about the needs to make the star travel dream
          reality. I think from a mystical point of view there are strong
          arguments for scientists who are saying that there is need for
          conscious flying saucer machines to enter the gates to the stars by
          technology only.

          Why?? And is there a plausible explanation for this utopic looking
          desire from a worldly scientific point of view? I would say no! Most
          approaches discussed here would also say no. But there is a
          plausible explanation from spiritual point of view.

          Yes, it is sufi wisdom saying that on a cellular level, angels are
          assigned to each cell, each molecule and each atom. That angel
          is "observing" that object for which it has been assigned. This is
          what keeps that object in particle for, i.e. in existence. This
          makes our universe conscious. It is conscious from the highest level
          down. Yes, and once that assigned angel leaves that task by divine
          order, that object is no longer under observation and thus is
          rendered back to its wave nature in the ocean of power, and our Lord
          knows best.

          And you will ask what has this all to do with interstellar travel??

          I will give you a story from a sufi site first to assist your
          understanding here:

          "Once a lady came to a saint, crying "my son is in a ship at sea,
          and it has capsized and he doesn't know how to swim. Please help
          him." Immediately the Shaykh reached out his hand and when he drew
          it back he was holding the woman's son in his hand, and his arm was
          dripping wet.

          We have already seen that with the power of light, a wali may use
          his wave-body to move at the speed of light. At the location of the
          foundering ship, the wali renders his arm into its particle form,
          grasps this boy and then renders himself to wave-form and move his
          arm and the boy to his mosque, where he rendered his arm and the
          child back into particle state. The essence of this is to stop the
          effect of observation on himself, ie. The angels of the cells of the
          body, continue to observer his particle but using a method similar
          to that of the reverse polarizer being placed at the final location,
          the operations takes place while the shaykh is not under
          observation, he retrieves the child and returns, restoring himself
          and the child to "particle" form."

          First you need to know how to communicate with the consciousness in
          the universe. If you know how to communicate then you have also
          solved the problem of navigation. Otherwise I can't see a way to
          reach the stars. Maybe you would enter but you would never come out
          with your worldly body. You would end in a disaster. So what do you

          You probably need a living machine which knows the keys and knows to
          communicate with spiritual watchers or you need a pilot which knows
          it better through his spiritual powers. This view may dramatically
          differ from the Star Trek point of view. And to be honest I
          personally do not believe that it will work without an adept machine
          or an adept pilot.

          But what would give a machine consciousness?

          A djinn or angel having the right skin enbedded environment maybe?
          Are we ready to do it now? Maybe, maybe not? But maybe soon.

          Yes, you could order a djinn or angel to take control of your craft.
          This may be the key to true "artificial" intelligence. It would be
          truly intelligent but taken in an artifical or manmade environment.

          But who has the power to do this then? Not easy question if you ask
          me. Imagine you have done it, maybe with the help of an adept
          interested in worldly science. In this case the scientist could
          order the intelligent being to make contact with the spiritual realm
          company centers which are in existence according to sufi wisdom. And
          voila, you would open the gates to heavens and hells.

          In this case you would not only have a gate opener but also a
          competent navigator. Are these the real keys to interstellar travel?

          If you do not have an adept pilot which is in connection with
          the spiritual centers, then at least you would need someone who can
          communicate with the living machine. Or you need an advanced
          technology to communicate with the on-board djinn. Don't ask me what
          djinns are. Be inspired by hollywood movies. The word genius is
          derived from djin because any genius is inspired by djins. Maybe
          these are graviphotonic beings. I do not know. But they may
          unconsciously communicate with our brains. Maybe there are others
          who can communicate consciously. I do not know.

          As Jack once indicated, if you want to base your craft on pure
          technology and don't want to use a pilot with spiritual powers, you
          need to develop a communication technology with djinn like beings.
          It is sufi prediction that this will be possible. Maybe it is
          already developed. Maybe it is a kind of brain wave control
          interface. I do not know. But it is also sufi belief that it
          won't work by technology to communicate with angels. This is too
          subtle for technology. So there is a strict border which you can't
          pass without spiritual power. What does this mean again?

          It probably means that it depends on the abilities of your pilot
          and/or machine how far you can reach to the hidden worlds. There
          could be at least 18000 worlds mentioned in sufi wisdom. Worlds
          known to saints. So if you want to go very deep it probably won't
          work with pure technology. You need to activate your spiritual
          abilities or call it your spiritual technology.

          Maybe one day in a golden age we all will learn to use our bodies
          which in principal are able to move at the speed of light, in which
          time stops, and that is why after the entire traversal from Makkah
          to Jerusalem, and then to the heights of Heavens, Prophet Muhammad
          returned in what to an observer would have been an instant, for it
          is said, that as he returned, the water which he had spilled upon
          being woken by Jibreel (as), was still falling, and upon his return
          the Prophet's bed was still warm.

          I do not know whether Star Trek has any of these ideas adopted. But
          I think it is worth to think about those topics. We need serious
          discussions about conscious and holographic universe problems. Only
          then we will find a way to the stars. This is my opinion. It is your
          choise to ignore it or to be inspired by the

          Sufi Slogan:

          "Turn off the observers" allowing you to travel as a wave, attaining
          your pure light aspect, achieving atemporal existence, and present
          at every time and every place that the creation has reached since
          its advent at the Big Bang.

          And this may also apply to craft driven by technology but only if
          being able to communicate with the conscious universe.

        • Berkant
          ... are ... mind ... formula ... and ... probably ... Maybe it s better to consider all a fairy tale than asking such a high level question.:-) This is equal
          Message 4 of 4 , Mar 2, 2004
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            Forward from greenglow list:

            > > Yes, it is sufi wisdom saying that on a cellular level, angels
            > > assigned to each cell, each molecule and each atom.
            > As a theoretical physicist the first question that comes to my
            > is:
            > what is the equation that describes angels, and what is the
            > that describes their "assigment" to particular cells, molecules
            > atoms?
            > Without equations it sounds like a fairy tale. Berkant, you
            > have some ideas, so why not share them?
            > ark

            Maybe it's better to consider all a fairy tale than asking such a
            high level question.:-) This is equal to asking about the secrets of
            life and death. Nevertheless it is a fair question. But a question
            which will arise more and more questions than answers. So we can try
            and ask what are djinns and what are angels first.

            Yes, psychic people often confuse djinns and angels.
            Maybe there are some similarities but also differences.

            Djinns have a free will and may or may not obey the Lord of Heavens,
            but angels have no free will and always obey the Lord of Heavens.
            Therefore the question of an angel disobeying the Lord of Heavens
            does not arise. This further supplements that Iblis (Satan) was a
            djinn and not an angel.

            It is my intuition telling me that djinns are pure electron beings
            or electron cluster beings. Some of you may know the plasma machine
            ideas of Ken Shoulders in this context. Maybe this all is again
            imagination but maybe it can help us to speculate about possible
            artificially intelligent machines here. Why?

            Think about our all day machines. Think about our computers.
            How are they all working? All need electricity. Not one machine
            today which is not working with electricity. So what is electricity?
            We imagine flowing electrons in our transistors and all other
            electronic machine parts. But what are really electrons?
            Something materialized or something waving like light or both?
            There are so many different theories for the electron.

            Now we ask again what does it mean when on a cellular level, angels
            are assigned to each cell, each molecule and each atom.

            I want to give you an excerpt from an adept sufi master who is
            saying the following in this context:

            "From all the above discussion, it is apparent that the act of
            observation of the angels of the cells and particles of human beings
            is what "activates" their existence on the plane of the

            The living has a body and a soul. The dead has a soul but no body.
            The soul is the "energy" form, or light-body. The primary difference
            between these two is that the angels have been removed from the
            body. It is those angels, which are there in any living creature,
            whose act of observation cause an object to maintain its particle
            form. Once these angels are removed the observation ceases and the
            soul is rendered to its energy form and moves freely.
            That energy, the soul, is still there."

            I hope this helps. As a scientist I would also ask questions about
            graviphotons. Where do they come from? And where do we come from?

            I think it was Phythagoras who described geometry as visual music.
            Maybe angels are playing the music of light whatever this means I do
            not know. Saints often say that they hear the music of angels. They
            say it is the music of the heart. What can this be? Is it visual
            music or music as we know it, I do not know.
            Just like you so me, only inspired.
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