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Re: DIA PAPERS on UFOS & /\ Field Reversed Doppler Effect & Phil Morrison

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  • bronzadam <bronzadam@yahoo.de>
    ... temp ... He ... Hebrew ... he ... the ... Australian ... the ... Anunnaki, ... alchemy) ... monoatomic ... You mention Sumeria. If this is the case, then I
    Message 1 of 36 , Jan 1, 2003
      > Monoatomic gold. Single atom gold. And monoatomic forms of other
      > elements. His patent calls it Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic
      > Elements. Monoatomic gold apparently is a superconductor at room
      > and has other extraordinary properties.
      > From there he found two things in two quite different directions.
      > gradually realized that a fluffy white powder was the object of the
      > alchemical tradition, traced it back to the shewbread of the
      > temple, back through the Egyptian ruler caste, to Sumeria. Gardner,
      > who came on the Grail bloodline through the genealogical research
      > was doing, eventually traced the bloodline back to Sumeria through
      > records available to him in Europe. Through the work of the
      > theologian Barbara Theiring on the Dead Sea Scrolls he realized the
      > nature and agenda of the Essenes who fostered and were dedicated to
      > the bloodline and realized that the monoatomic gold was ingested,
      > techniques for its production were taught to humans by the
      > and the bloodline rulers were fed it to enhance them. Which brought
      > Gardner 'round to David Hudson and his work. Alchemy (from
      > is simply the tradition of the manufacture and use of the
      > gold primarily for ingesting.

      You mention Sumeria. If this is the case, then I am interested and
      know whom to ask or ask you to ask. Contact Grand Shaykh Nazim
      Haqqani from the Naqshbandi Sufi Order (the hidden line probably goes
      back to Sumeria) for scientific advise. The grand master himself is
      graduated from the chemistry institute of the famous Istanbul
      Technical University (ITU) in Turkey. His answer could be puzzling
      but maybe helpful in some way.

      Is there any webpage discussing monoatomic metals.

      > "And in his calculations and in his mathematics, he calculates that
      > when matter is resonance connected in two dimensions, it no longer
      > interacts in three dimensions, but it's only interacting in two
      > dimensions, by what he calls the jitterbug motion, that it loses
      > of it's gravitational weight. Or it only weighs 56 percent, which
      > you all recall is exactly what our material weighed. 56 percent, or
      > 5/9s of it's true weight. Which means that the material is a
      > connected, quantum oscillator, resonating in two dimensions, which
      > just happens to be the definition of superconductor."

      Aha, never heard such a thing.

      > to do it you must have what's called exotic matter, matter that has
      > gravitational attraction at all." Do you know that iridium at 70
      > degrees Centigrade, I mean 70 degrees Fahrenheit, has no
      > attraction at all, and that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the
      > of your body, or above, or that your body's above that. And so
      > literally if our body becomes filled with the light, we literally
      > this until our light body exceeding our physical body, then we
      > supposedly become light beings. [the alchemical tradition]"

      > Follows allegedly L. Gardner's nonsense:
      > "At that stage, everything looked good for Hudson but, for its fuel
      > cells, the Department of Defense was liaising directly with Amplats
      > and the British Government, ignoring Hudson altogether. This was
      > because its interests were not in the open domain of automotive
      > cell technology, but in aircraft 'stealth' technology. ORMEs were
      > apparently the key to the next stage of development — beyond an
      > aircraft that was hard to detect (such as they have at present), to
      > aircraft that was invisible, superconductive and multi-dimensional.
      > They did not welcome David's presence on the scene, and were not
      > to let him conclude his ORME patents.

      Is this really true?? Do you mean we could use such a monoatomic
      material as a kind of superconducting smart skin?? What happens when
      charging it properly?? Spacetime jumping or teleportation??

      Is there any evidence about this aircraft related claim in old Vedic
      texts?? Have you looked for it??

      > Hal Puthoff,
      > director of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Austin, had
      > the concept, but all scientists were agreed that the 'exotic
      > required to make the hypersurfing technology possible was ORMEs.

      > Jack: This last paragraph has NO LOGICAL CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to
      > ORMES claims. This last paragraph is what I AM DOING!
      > The "exotic matter" is precisely my /\ field! Hal Puthoff is being
      > completely misquoted! He will be shocked to see this! Who wrote the
      > above?

      > Neil: He's a careful researcher. He forced the British Library to
      > produce a copy of Sir Flinders Pietrie's book Researchs In Sinai
      > which was suppressed by the Egyptian Exploration Fund which had
      > Pietrie, and never cataloged by the Library. It was suppressed
      > it documented a 3000 year old "temple" on Mt. Horeb (there was no
      > Mt. Sinai in those times) to be some sort of lab/foundry which had
      > some fifty tons of an extremely fine white powder stored in its
      > which no one could, in Pietrie's times, identify. Gardner has
      > at least to his own satisfaction that this was the main production
      > facility for monoatomic gold by the Anunnaki. The Egyptian
      > Fund knew that the information and statues found there also showed
      > that Moses was a moses, and was Akhenaten, the ousted Egyptian
      > and Miriam his sister had led the Hebrew group out of Egypt to
      > etc. They knew that this would blow their agenda of funding those
      > researchers who would produce stuff that reinforced the old and new
      > testament as their charter said. Petrie had to publish himself and
      > they still got to the publisher and suppressed the book.

      Woow!!!:-) And who was Tutenchamun then??

      >Jack: He had no clue that is true. "Monoatomics" with alleged high
      >Tc superconductivity anti-gravity is nonsense.

      Hey Jack, I suggest you look for quasicrystal "monoatomic" in

      I talked about quasicrystals and other monoatomic metal layers for
      advanced aicraft skins several months ago on the newelectrogravity
      list. Jerry Bayles had the idea of "acoustic charging". My Fibonacci
      wing should consider the growth of monoatomic quasicrystal layers.
      Maybe such materials were described in Vedic scripts, too. Check it!

      > Re: Sir Flinders Petrie's involvment with monoatomics and the
      > suppression, by the Egyptian Exploration Fund, of Petrie's book
      > it see Gardner's Bloodline of the Holy Grail..

      Is this a book??

      > references and genealogical trees of the highest quality. I'm not
      > saying he's the last word but I am saying that he displays very
      > serious scholarship that goes much deeper and more completely into
      > bloodline (GRA-AL, special bloodline in Sumerian) concept and
      > than, say, Baigent et al in Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

      > Jack earlier: In any case glad to see that you are an interesting
      > - at least a good fiction writer in case you are not telling the
      > truth. What you do say does ring true in accord with my 1953
      > "contact". That may mean we were both duped by some Occult Secret
      > Society or maybe it was what they said they were. It all depends
      > on whether my /\ field physics is basically correct or whether both
      > our shitcks are the "nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind"? (Mel
      > Brooks "Young Frankenstein").
      > Neil: If you had written the "nonsensical ravings of lunatic minds"
      > maybe I could agree easier.....but, never mind, yeah, roger some of
      > that, although I'm a little uncomfortable with the over simplistic
      > alternatives of duped by some OSS or not, maybe because I'm sure
      > I'm not sure I know what your 1953 "contact" was all about.,
      > Jack: Read my book "Destiny Matrix" http://www.1stbooks.com for the
      > details.
      > or the rather weird choice between your teepee field physics
      > validating the universe or you are, deferring to your youth, the
      > young frankenstein and I am Mel Brooks. As far as writing the
      > I have to say that it is the truth as best as can be determined at
      > having had all this time to reflect on experiences 60 years ago as
      > 12 year old. Tell me about the 1953 "contact" please?

      I have not read but did you say that you probably heard the metalic
      voice of Stephen Hawking??


      Why Hawking??
    • puthoff@aol.com
      ... I have corrected the record many times that I do not endorse the Hudson claims because I was never given samples to test, but the Internet keeps the urban
      Message 36 of 36 , Jan 3, 2003

        In a message dated 1/2/03 8:46:11 PM, sarfatti@... writes:

        That's the least of the deluge of disinformation and misinformation
        from ORMES and other crackpots about you. I sent you the email L.
        Gardner sent to Neil Freer saying you endorsed ORMES as the only path
        to warp drive - you know the David Hudson goofy dust that Joe gave
        Victor from Budapest $650,000 for.

        I have corrected the record many times that I do not endorse the Hudson claims because I was never given samples to test, but the Internet keeps the urban myth circulating.

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