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Fwd: nonlocal signals with entangled coherent Glauber states? - where's the error?

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2011

      David Kaiser's book "How the Hippies Saved Physics"

      My point is that if you do partial which-way measurements in my two double slit measurements with coherent non-orthogonal entangled Glauber laser states one should be able to transmit messages. Apparently Dan Greenberger thought of this independently. One simply controls the efficiency of the which-way measurement at the sender modulating the local fringe visibility on both sides. Unlike the case of using orthogonal Fock states there will be interference fringes on both sides.

      is the entangled laser beams A & B's density matrix passing through double slits (upper +,lower -) for each of the two entangled beams.

      For plane wave modes second quantized destruction operators a all with same polarization

      The interference patterns are seen by projecting the density matrix to eigenstates of position on the screens behind the double slit plates on each side.

      The nonlocal joint interference patterns seen in correlation experiments are

      The local interference pattern seen for laser beam A is found by tracing the full density matrix over the complete orthonormal position eigenstates for xB.

      The local fringes at A survive because the coherent states at B are not orthogonal. If sharp number Fock eigenstates were used  instead there would be no local fringes on either side.

      We can obviously modulate the pattern at A by changing the relative phase shift at B.

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