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Existence-Knowledge Equations

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  • Osher Doctorow
    From: Osher Doctorow osher@ix.netcom.com, Sat. Dec. 1, 2001 3PM I am a college teacher of mathematics. At the age of 63, I still do not have tenure (that
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      From: Osher Doctorow osher@..., Sat. Dec. 1, 2001 3PM

      I am a college teacher of mathematics. At the age of 63, I still do not
      have tenure (that sometimes happens, especially if you alternate careers
      inside and outside academia, step on too many toes, make too many mistakes
      in interpersonal relationships, etc.). However, I do most of my research
      for myself in mathematical fuzzy multivalued logic, mathematical
      probability-statistics, mathematical physics, mathematical modeling, etc.,
      and I actually develop a lot of it while typing on the internet (belonging
      to about 150 internet forums). I grew up on the typewriter, so typing
      actually helps me to think more than speaking or other modalities.

      I just presented an interesting existence-knowledge differential equation
      model on theory-edge@yahoogroups.com, and to go beyond that here I will
      simply mention that the logical existential quantifier E (backwards E,
      actually), meaning *there exists (x such that...)* can actually be
      fuzzified-made multivalued by changing it form a 0-1 (there exists or there
      does not exist) variable to the continuous interval [0, 1]. I'm the first
      one to do that to my knowledge (see abstracts of 64 of my papers, especially
      the last few, at http://www.logic.univie.ac.at - after accessing the site,
      select ABSTRACT SERVER, then BY AUTHOR, then my name in that exact order).
      The difficult problem is to relate this logical existence to the scientific
      concept of existence as in *there exists a star in such-and-such location,*
      which assert physical existence (or behavioral, mental, biological,
      socicultural existence as part of generalized physical existence). It
      appears that logical and physical EXISTENCE, E, can be defined as CHANGE IN
      with rather carefully specified conditions (e.g., with respect to a surface
      on which the object is located, e.g., with respect to the surface of the
      earth). The change that I have in mind is essentially dK or dx where K is
      KIE and x is position with respect to a surface or some analog, but with a
      fixed *unit* changed in the *independent* variable one can approximate this
      by dK/dt, dx/dt, or more generally dK/du, dx/du respectively where t is time
      and u is some variable including possibly time.

      This has very nice applications to cosmology (expansion/acceleration of the
      universe, inflation, Big Bang), biological sciences (even *viruses* as
      intermediate between life and death, comparing organic and life processes
      with inorganic processes in terms of amount of change with respect to the
      earth or with respect to time relative to the earth, etc.),
      information-entropy (see the theory-edge forum site referenced above), etc.

      What about issues like quantum/microscopic vs macroscopic, uncertainty vs
      multiple worlds, string/p-brane versus quantum field, gravitation vs other
      forces? This is where I think progress can be made especially on this
      seminar, but I want to know what people think about the topic before jumping
      too far into the water so to speak.

      Osher Doctorow Ph.D.
      Formerly (and still intermittently in parts) California State Universities
      and Community Colleges
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