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History Channel TV on PSI WARS

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  • SFTesla@Yahoo.com
    [Dr. Jack Sarfatti(tm)] New expanded version of Saul-Paul Sirag s http://stardrive.org/Jack/contact.pdf now online. It s 1 meg with pictures in embedded secure
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
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      [Dr. Jack Sarfatti(tm)]

      New expanded version of Saul-Paul Sirag's


      now online. It's 1 meg with pictures in embedded secure format.
      Needs Acrobat
      Reader 5 free from http://adobe.com or http://www.adobe.com

      Contains new information relevant to TV show Hal mentions.

      Jack Sarfatti to Hal Puthoff

      Thanks. I will be on Pacific Coast without a TV then. I am not
      taking my
      laptop. But I am taking some books. Hope to catch it another
      time however. I am
      of course very interested.

      PS We will be studying Yilmaz approach very seriously with open
      mind in next
      few months because of references in J. D. Brown's paper. You
      know him? I will
      be off line Thurs to Sun this weekend.

      Saul-Paul Sirag has been greatly expanding his chapter
      "Contact" for our
      anthology "Destiny Matrix" that contains details about our
      interaction with you
      et-al during this period. See also Martin Gardner's "Magic and
      Paraphysics" in
      "Science, Good, Bad Bogus". Indeed Saul-Paul has tape
      recording of our first
      meeting in 1973 on my way to work with Abdus Salam.
      Eventually I will put it on
      web in Real Audio.

      For the record my position is basic physics of RV including work
      by Radin and
      Bierman (and Libet) is well understood qualitatively based on


      and my conjecture that "quantum" = "mental" in context of
      post-quantum theory
      with direct back-action of matter on its mental quantum bit field.
      This is
      absent in orthodox quantum theory. However, it gives precisely
      the kind of
      signal-nonlocality that explains RV et-al.

      Puthoff@a... wrote:

      > According to the History Channel online schedule, "Hidden
      History: Psychic
      > Espionage" will air at 8pm Eastern time (7pm Central time) on
      Thursday, 27
      > September, and
      > again at 12:00 a.m. on the 28th.
      > The program includes interviews with Joe McMoneagle,
      > Hal Puthoff, Skip Atwater, and Paul Smith, among others.
      > Here's what the History Channel's webpage had to say about
      this show:
      > History Undercover
      > Psychic Espionage
      > In 1970, reports leaked out of the Soviet Union about their
      widespread use
      > of ESP, remote-viewing, and other psychic abilities by the
      military and
      > intelligence agencies. The United States quickly began their
      own top-secret
      > research into the paranormal. For over 20 years, the CIA used
      psychic spies
      > in dozens of covert missions. Join us as we step into the world
      of the
      > unknown and meet psychic spies from the CIA, KGB, and spy
      agencies in Great
      > Britain, Poland, Germany, and Israel.

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