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The Meaning of Super Cosmos

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    ... you are ... major ... student of ... the ... based ... Anthropic ... of life ... [Jack starts here] Yes, this WAP is strongly in the running now because of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2001
      "Lawrence B. Crowell" wrote:

      > At 10:25 AM 7/5/01 -0400, Dan Smith wrote:
      > >Karl,
      > >
      > >>From the confusion in your statements below, it is evident that
      you are
      > >ignorant of the Anthropic Cosmological Principle. This is a very
      > >shortcoming in your scientific education. The fact that every
      student of
      > >science is not thoroughly exposed to this most important fact about
      > >universe does indeed imply a 'conspiracy' of a materialistically
      > >ignorance.
      > >
      > I am going to make this a bit short. There are 2 variants of the
      > Cosmological Principle (ACP). The weak ACP states that we can state
      > certain things about the universe because it permits the existence
      of life
      > and intelligent life (us).

      [Jack starts here]
      Yes, this WAP is strongly in the running now because of the hyperspace


      M Kaku's "Hyperspace"

      There are literally many 3-dim material universes forming the
      "ensemble" for
      Note, this is all classical - nothing to do yet with David Deutsch's
      multiverse until you introduce Bohm's ontology. Kaku's Hyperspace in
      picture is all Bohm's "hidden variable" or "system point", what Stapp
      "the Bohm point" missing in Bohr's epistemology not allowing
      particle paths. Here we have the "particle" upped to the level of
      Super Cosmos
      with a single Bohm point of incredible topological complexity moving
      Wheeler's Super Space. See "Gravitation and Inertia" Wheeler &
      supplement to MTW "Gravitation" and also "Journey into Gravity and
      for prerequisites. I will be reviewing all this including detailed
      look at
      Initial Value Problem in GR, the conformal factor, the 3-vector
      potential, York Time, are elliptic constraints really superluminal or

      Retarded = Elliptic FTL + Far Field Radiation

      that Van Flandern et-al, also Phipps, get confused on because it is
      subtle and
      confusing - the Sciama-Ellis paper that on a spacelike foliation the
      charge NOW
      there is FELT though not SEEN by the charge HERE-NOW i.e. you cannot
      retarded (or advanced) Green's function 1/r(ret) in the spacelike
      you must use Coulomb instant 1/r. This also has to do with Bohm's
      potential Q - rule it must be instant relative to the foliation.
      symmetry only local not global. But also a foliation involves topology
      yes or no? CTC's time travel to the past yes or no? Global
      hyperbolicity yes or
      no? Positive stress energy densities yes or no? All this in detail
      soon in PDF.


      Like Bell's theorem we have lots of options the set of which are
      incompatible. For example: Bell's theorem:

      1. statistical subquantal equilibrium predictions of QM P = |psi|^2

      2. locality

      3. counter-factual definiteness

      are mutually incompatible.

      Note quantum nonlocality is consistent with no FTL communication and

      That is locality is sufficient to preclude FTL communication and
      but it is not necessary.

      If you force 1 to be true, you must renounce either 2 or 3 or both!
      You can
      renounce both!

      PQM renounces all three!

      Similarly in classical GR:

      I Topology of 3-dim space changes

      II Global hyperbolic manifold

      III Locality - chronology protection - no time travel to past

      IV Positive stress-energy density

      are mutually incompatible. Minimal mutually consistent set of
      conditions is

      I & II & not III & not IV

      The idea of Einstein's Vision behind GR is the Riemann "back-action"
      of no action without direct reaction.

      GR is only for "rock-like things".

      In SR (globally flat 4-dim space-time):

      Geometry acts on matter, matter gets its marching orders from
      space-time, but
      matter does not react back on space-time.

      In orthodox QM in the Bohm causal limit:

      The thoughtlike qubit pilot wave acts on matter (the hidden variable),
      gets its marching orders from the thought-like pilot wave, but matter
      does not
      react back on the thought-like pilot wave.

      This assumes a coherent pilot wave on the relevant scale of
      observation, e.g. a
      superfluid for macro phenomena for the movement of matter by thought.

      Only then will you get 1 above in Bell's theorem, i.e. only then will
      you get
      subquantal heat death with P = |psi|^2 e.g. p. 30 The Undivided
      Universe & Ch

      The analogy is obvious.

      No rock-like gravity without rock-like matter directly reacting back
      rock-like space-time.

      No thought-like inner consciousness without rock-like matter directly
      back on thoughtlike qubit pilot field.

      The rocklike system point and the thoughtlike landscape in two-way
      relation is
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