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The end to a mystery?, Dark Energy - Matter

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  • trixcleverspacealien
    Dark Energy / Dark Matter: Note Fritz Zwicky 1933. [Date and time posted on SSS: 02-01-08 at:03:16a.m.c.s.t. 1933 roughly fits the time frame for Margherita
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      Dark Energy / Dark Matter: Note Fritz Zwicky 1933.

      [Date and time posted on SSS: 02-01-08 at:03:16a.m.c.s.t.

      1933 roughly fits the time frame for Margherita Sarfatti's meeting
      Frank Capra May 4, 1934.

      More historical information to add to my M.Sarfatti / Frank Capra -
      Harry Cohn / Caltech / Dark Matter / Dark Energy / Kip Thorne / M.
      Alcubierre coincidence worldline.

      Note that M. Sarfatti had planned on coming to America in early March
      1933 to prepare for a fascist propaganda push in July 1933? this
      would have began close to or during FDR'S inauguration
      03-04-1933.[note the banks closed etc,]

      Note also that Harry Cohn's "Mussolini Speaks" was released on
      03-10-1933 6days after FDR'S inauguration.Just a coincidence or
      strategically planned?, after M. Sarfatti decided NOT to come to
      America in March 1933, and wait until early 1934 instead.

      Did Frank Capra and M. Sarfatti every meet Zwicky?

      QUESTION was that release part of the Mussolini / Sarfatti's?
      propaganda plans

      THE END:

      trixcleverspacealien is Terry A.

      [02-01-08 at: 03:13a.m.c.s.t.]



      Published: 17 hours ago, 10:46 EST, January 31, 2008

      The end to a mystery?

      Astronomers at the University of St Andrews believe they can "simplify
      the dark side of the universe" by shedding new light on two of its
      mysterious constituents.

      Dr HongSheng Zhao, of the University's School of Physics and
      Astronomy, has shown that the puzzling dark matter and its counterpart
      dark energy may be more closely linked than was previously thought.

      Only 4% of the universe is made of known material - the other 96% is
      traditionally labelled into two sectors, dark matter and dark energy.

      A British astrophysicist and Advanced Fellow of the UK's Science and
      Technology Facilities Council, Dr Zhao points out, "Both dark matter
      and dark energy could be two faces of the same coin.

      "As astronomers gain understanding of the subtle effects of dark
      energy in galaxies in the future, we will solve the mystery of
      astronomical dark matter at the same time. "

      Astronomers believe that both the universe and galaxies are held
      together by the gravitational attraction of a huge amount of unseen
      material, first noted by the Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky in 1933,
      and now commonly referred to as dark matter.

      Dr Zhao reports that, "Dark energy has already revealed its presence
      by masking as dark matter 60 years ago if we accept that dark matter
      and dark energy are linked phenomena that share a common origin."

      In Dr Zhao's model, dark energy and dark matter are simply different
      manifestations of the same thing, which he has considered as a `dark
      fluid'. On the scale of galaxies, this dark fluid behaves like matter
      and on the scale of the Universe overall as dark energy, driving the
      expansion of the Universe. Importantly, his model, unlike some similar
      work, is detailed enough to produce the same 3:1 ratio of dark energy
      to dark matter as is predicted by cosmologists.

      Efforts are currently underway to hunt for very massive dark-matter
      particles with a variety of experiments. The Large Hadron Collider
      (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in
      Geneva is a particle accelerator that amongst other objectives, could
      potentially detect dark matter particles.

      According to Dr Zhao, these efforts could turn out to be fruitless. He
      said, "In this simpler picture of universe, the dark matter would be
      at a surprisingly low energy scale, too low to be probed by upcoming
      Large Hadron Collider.

      "The search for dark-matter particles so far has concentrated on
      highly-energetic particles. If dark matter however is a twin
      phenomenon of dark energy, it will not show up at instruments like the
      LHC, but has been seen over and over again in galaxies by astronomers."

      However, the Universe might be absent of dark-matter particles at all.
      The findings of Dr Zhao are also compatible with an interpretation of
      the dark component as a modification of the law of gravity rather than
      particles or energy.

      Dr Zhao concluded. "No matter what dark matter and dark energy are,
      these two phenomena are likely not independent of each other."

      Dr Zhao and his collaborators' findings have recently been published
      by Astrophysical Journal Letters in December 2007, and Physics Review
      D. 2007.

      Theories of the physics of gravity were first developed by Isaac
      Newton in 1687 and refined by Albert Einstein's theory of General
      Relativity in 1905 which stated that the speed of gravity is equal to
      the speed of light.

      However, Einstein was never fully decided on whether his equation
      should add an omnipresent constant source, now called dark energy in

      Astronomers following Fred Zwicky have also speculated additional
      sources to Einstein's equation in the form of non-light emitting
      material, called dark matter in general.

      Apart from very light neutrinos neither dark sources have been
      confirmed experimentally.

      Source: Science and Technology Facilities Council
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      shape of alternate dimensions
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